What Was Wiseman Harry Arrested For? Twitter Reactions Following The News


The Man Of God Wiseman Harry Was Arrested Saturday In Greece ( Source : instagram )

Wiseman Harry, the man of God, was arrested on Saturday by law enforcement after the Greek Government ordered the arrest of God Harry, also known as Wiseman Harry, abroad.

The arrest took place on August 27, 2022, at around 15:00. The Greece government arrested TB Joshua's disciple Wiseman Harry for publically proclaiming Jesus and performing miracles in his name. His actions caused an uproar among people, and they called for his arrest.

The reason for his arrest, as explained by SCOAN Thessalonica, is that the name of Jesus Christ was preached with power that enslaved people, heals, and delivered, and this has caused the devil's rage and his agents' rage to be broadcasted in all the national TV stations and newspaper in Greece.

Who Is Man Of God, Wiseman Harry?

Man of God Harry is one of the wise men in the Synagogue Church of All Nations. He is a native of Macedonia in Greece and was born on November 21, 1984.

The Macedonia native fellow was among the first set of wise men trained by Prophet TB Joshua. Harry gained more recognization after he portrayed the role of Jesus in a Church theatrical. Since his part of Jesus, people started to call him Wiseman Jesus.

Major Followers, imparted Spiritual Sons of Snr Prophet TB Joshua. L-R. Apostle John Chi; Christopher; Wise Man Daniel ; Harry ; and Prophet I O Samuel
Major Followers, imparted Spiritual Sons of Snr Prophet TB Joshua. L-R. Apostle John Chi; Christopher; Wise Man Daniel ; Harry ; and Prophet I O Samuel ( Source : guardian )

Like his mentor TB Joshua, Wiseman Harry is a great man of God and has hosted several programs. According to reports, he has performed several miracles in the Synagogue Church.

Greek Government Convict Wiseman Harry worked with Prophet TB Joshua for many years before starting a Ministry in Greece called SCOAN Thessalonica. He established the Ministry on April 19, 2015.

Before being arrested by the Government of Greece, he was one of the prominent representatives of Ministry, one of the leading churches in Greece. 

What Was Wiseman Harry Arrested For? Following Twitter Reactions

If you are a follower of Wiseman Harry, it will be no surprise to hear that the Greece Government recently arrested him. The government charged him on Saturday, August 27, at around 3 pm.

According to reports, Harry, the Man of God, was arrested following criticisms and protests by several journalists and a psychiatrist who did not want the gospel spread in Greece.

Wiseman Harry organized a program at one of the parks called Aristotle's park of healing deliverance and other things that he is known for. The people and many famous personalities did not liked his activities and protested against his actions. 

Now the Greece government arrested Wiseman Harry and one of his partners for spreading the gospel that Jesus was preached with power that saves, heals, and delivers. 

Wiseman Harry Net Worth

Wiseman Harry's net worth and earnings are unknown as of now. However, speculating on his public appearances and lifestyle, we can say he has made quite a fortune.

Considering information from various sources, Wiseman Harry's estimated net worth might be around $500K to $1 million. His wealth comes from his career as Man of God and his charity foundation SCOAN Thessalonica

Following Wiseman Harry's arrest, his Facebook page, SCOAN Thessalonica, mentioned that those prosecuted in the name of Jesus Christ are blessed.


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