What Was Female Free Driver Natalia Molchanova Death Cause? Russian Male Driver Alexey Molchanov Mother Details

  Natalia Molchanova at the 2009 Freediving World Championships ( Source : En )

Natalia Molchanova, a Russian champion free diver and mother of Alexey Mochanov, a 24-time world champion free diver, vanished off the coast of Spain during a recreational dive, and fans are keen to know about her death cause.

Natalia Vadimovna Molchanova (8 May 1962 – 2 August 2015) was a world-renowned free diver from Russia who also served as the organization's previous president. She has been called "perhaps the best freediver in the world." 

She disappeared on August 2, 2015, while conducting a private session in Formentera. On August 5, the search for her was given up, and her death was assumed.

By holding 41 world records at the time of her alleged demise and collecting 23 gold medals over her extensive career, Molchanova was the most decorated free diver in history.

Free Diver: Natalia Molchanova Death Cause

Natalia Molchanova, a multiple world record holder free diver, and the former president of the Russian Free Dive Federation died due to drowning after failing to surface while diving in the Mediterranean. Her body was never found.

Molchanova was diving in a region with strong currents and a lot of boat activity, where the water temperature can drop significantly as divers descend, which can have an impact on even the most seasoned divers.

Many people were deployed in her search, including helicopters, a special team of divers, and even a robot. However, she was not found and was declared dead.

In 41 different disciplines, Molchanova had set records for free diving before she submerged herself that day. She could dive more than 100 meters deep in a single breath, stay under for hundreds of feet while swimming with or without weights, and sit still in still water.

Alexey Molchanov Mother Obituary: What Happened To Natalia Molchanova?

The obituary of Natalia Molchanova, the mother of Alexey Molchanov, a 28-year-old competitive freediver, has not been released. She was presumed dead after diving 35 meters in the Mediterranean but never resurfaced.

According to her son Alexey, it was a furious current at deep that day. When she vanished on Sunday, Molchanova, who had been diving competitively for 13 years, gave private instruction to two divers, according to Alexey.

After she dived to a depth thought to be between 115 and 130 feet, the students lost sight of her. According to Alexey, his mother also made many solo freedives to uncharted depths in between training dives.

Where Is Alexey Molchanov Now?

Alexey Molchanov, a Russian champion freediver, 24-time world champion (AIDA and CMAS), world record holder, and freediving promoter, currently is living in the Bahamas, where he gives freediving lessons.

He continued to push the limits of the bifins depth in 2020, setting a new record for the longest recorded dive at approximately 600 feet beneath the ice (181 m).

In March 2021, Alexey submerged 80 meters or 262 feet beneath the frozen, one-meter-thick surface and then rose to the surface on a single breath. He also smashed the record for the deepest free dive under ice while wearing fins in the process. 

Alexey participated in the nine-day, international competition Vertical Blue in the Bahamas at Dean's Blue Hole in July 2021. In three separate sports, he accomplished world record dives. He also established two CMAS records in the CNF division, 87 and 90 meters. 

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