What Sexuality Is Ellen White? Find Out If The Footballer Is Lesbian Or Straight


Ellen White announces retirement from Football ( Source : instagram )

Ellen White has been embroiled in a rumor that calls her a lesbian. However, those words are untrue as the player has a happy family life with her husband. 

She has recently announced her retirement from sports. She stated how hard it was to take such a decision, but she now wishes to see the new generation shine, reports BBC. 

Fans express their sadness but show their support for her decision. She ended her statement by saying playing for England was the greatest gift of her life. 

Is Ellen White Footballer Lesbian? Rumors About Her Sexuality Addressed

Questions regarding Ellen White's sexuality have been circulating online because of the rumors of her being a Lesbian. However, it is debunked since she is already married to Callum Convery.

The two of them met when they were studying sports science at Loughborough University. However, their relationship did not start on a friendly note. White used to get irritated when Callum would ask many questions in the class.

Likewise, Convery said she ignored him after he asked her to hang out often. Nonetheless, the pair developed feelings for each other, and their relationship began.

Ellen White with her husband Callum Convery
Ellen White with her husband Callum Convery ( Source : ok )

They bought a house in Nottingham. Both of them shared an interest in football. Her partner worked as a sports development officer at Nottinghamshire Football Association.

Then, in 2013, he popped the question to her. He explained that although the occasion was supposed to be romantic, it went horrendous. He proposed to her when she was going to bed and even got the wrong hand when putting the ring on. 

A year and a half later, they married in a barn outside of Aylesbury, which Ellen described as one of the best moments of her life. They have been together for decades, yet their bond is going strong. 

Ellen White Husband Is Her Greatest Supporter

Ellen White often grabs all attention as she impresses everyone through her performance during the match. But, while she becomes the center of the spotlight in the field, she lives a quiet life with her supportive husband, Callum Convery.

The two of them share a passion for football. Convery has been spotted attending the matches where his wife participates and cheers for her while she shows off her skill in the field.

The couple has been together for over a decade, but their bond seems to be getting stronger and unwavering.

Ellen says that her spouse has been the greatest supporter of her career. When she was offered a place on the Manchester City team in 2019, he did not hesitate to move out with her leaving his previous job. 

Does Ellen White Have Children?

Ellen White has recently announced her retirement from sports. This has caused some people to speculate that she may now be giving her time and focus on her family.

Many fans are curious if the athlete will now plan for children with her husband. Although she only mentioned that she wanted to decide to bid goodbye to football on her own terms, she has not talked about any reasons behind it.

She added that she had fulfilled her dream of winning the Euros and becoming a European champion came true on July 31. However, she will now see the younger generation shine.

Despite years of marriage, she had been focusing on her career and had no children. Moreover, she has not decided what she will do after her departure from the world of football. 


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