What Is Thortful Net Worth In 2022? A Look At The Company's Business Summary and Investments

Andrew Pearce, the CEO of Thortful ( Source : Justentrepreneurs )

Who is the CEO of greeting cards company, Thortful? Explore the details about the company's net worth, business summary, investors, and more!

The largest online marketplace for greeting cards is Thortful, which is backed by a group of freelance designers, illustrators, and photographers that are responsible for the real original card creations. Additionally, there are countless greeting cards available online for every occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, new homes, father's day, weddings, and engagement cards.

The creator of the firm thinks that Thortful has an advantage over Moonpig and Funky Pigeon because of the marketplace component of his business plan. These two companies now rule the online card industry. In an effort to stand out from the competition, Thortful has chosen to use advertising that is equally humorous and appealing.

The figure Mr. Thortful, a guy with a massive blue afro that matches the brand's "thought cloud" emblem, is featured in the advertisement, which was created by the creative agency 18 Feet & Rising. He appears in various circumstances to guide individuals in choosing the best cards to purchase for their loved ones when doing online shopping. Prior to this year's Mother's Day, which falls on March 26th, the promotion was designed to increase sales.

What Is Thortful Net Worth In 2022?

Thortful's net worth in 2022 is estimated to be around $ 10 to $ 50 million USD. However, the actual net worth of the company is yet to be calculated.

According to the CEO of Thortful, greeting card sales in the UK total £1.7 billion annually. More than two million cards are purchased every day, but fewer than 5% of them are done online. As a result, the CEO of Thortful thinks there is a huge window of opportunity for the business to grow widely.

Thortful logo ( Source : Thortful )

Additionally, the company's CEO is focusing on the online greetings card industry with the new brand Thortful after launching and selling other successful businesses, including Powwownow. With their prior brand, Powwownow, they invested every dollar they had in marketing and then proceeded to devote 17–19% of their annual revenue to it. The company's revenue increased to £16 million, which is a significant sum of money. The CEO anticipated that Thortful would adopt a similar strategy.

Company Business Summary and Investors

Moving on to the company's business summary, the owner of an online marketplace for greeting cards, Thortful, wants to connect those who make and buy cards. The company's online store enables customers to choose any card in accordance with their needs and preferences, add a custom handwritten message for a personal touch, and have it delivered the following day.

Andrew Pearce is a serial entrepreneur who has founded four companies ( Source : Marketingweek )

Customers can choose any card according to their needs and preferences with a customizable handwritten message for a personal touch. Additionally, all of their cards are available for next-day delivery, so if you need one at the last minute, just purchase it by 6 p.m. and it will be sent on the same day. There are three investors in Thortful, including Andrew Pearce and Leeway Ventures. The company was founded by Andrew Pearce, Eric Genet, and Paul Lees, Paul Smith.

Who Is The CEO Of Thortful?

Andrew Pearce is the Thortful CEO. Pearce, 49, has built enterprises during his entire working career. He left university a few months after recognizing that he preferred a more entrepreneurial path to employment to an academic one and started his own company cleaning wheelie bins.

Through Inkfish, Pearce got to know Paul Lees, who eventually joined him in founding Powwownow. That company expanded to become the industry leader in conference calls and was acquired by US corporate communications company PGi in 2013 for £37.5 million. Lees is currently Thortful's co-founder and chairman. Pearce has never had official marketing training during his career; instead, he prefers to pick up skills on the job and rely on his gut feeling.

Such a strategy aided in the development of a strong brand in the rather staid and faceless field of conference calls. He doesn't appear to be reversing course with Thortful. Instead, Pearce is excited about the chance to develop his most recent brand in a market for greeting cards that he sees as open to change.

Many business owners claim this, but he adds, "I always think it's partly due to dyslexia, which I think I have a little bit of." "That sometimes means you approach issues differently than the majority of others. That has been a huge benefit for me. I take a new angle on marketing.


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