What Is Leo Baker Gender? Everything We Know About The Cast Of Stay on Board

Leo Baker, an American professional skater. ( Source : Popsugar )

Leo Baker is an American professional skateboarder and identifies as a gender-queer non-binary pro. 

Leo is a New York based skateboarder who is also goofy-footed. They are very talented, and their talents have been appreciated worldwide. They have also started using their platform to highlight topics related to identity and equality.

Baker was always interested in skating and began skating at the age of five. Even though they did not expect they were going to skate professionally, they were very interested in skating.

What Is Leo Baker Gender? Is He Non-Binary?

Leo identifies as a gender-queer non-binary pro person. Baker uses they/them pronouns and aims be authentic. They are very proud of their sexuality and want to use their platform to raise voices for the LGBTQ community.

Leo Baker during a photoshoot. ( Source : Outsports )

Considering Leo is always in the public's eyes, it can be hard to be themselves, but Baker does not let that weigh them down, and they still want to use their platform positively.

Netflix recently created a documentary to cover Leo's journey to the Olympics. Leo started skating in the early 2000s, and at the time, skating was just a hobby for everyone.

There was no Olympics where the skaters could showcase their talents. However, Leo has come a long way in their career and has achieved as a skater.

The documentary is called Stay on Board: The Leo Baker Story which was directed by Nicola Marsh and Giovanni Reda. The show focuses on Leo's story as a skater and also their journey in figuring out their sexuality.

How Old Is Leo Baker? Their Biography Explored

Leo is currently 30 years old. They were born on November 24, 1991, in Covina, California, United States. They are living in New York.

Before Leo became a pro, they were working as a graphic designer in Los Angeles, United States. However, Baker has not stopped and still takes part in different creative projects.

Baker is still working on artistic endeavors, such as the release of Cave Homo, a joint effort with fellow NYC skateboarder Brian Anderson, which is a limited-edition zine that supports The Trevor Project in part by selling unique works by LGBT artists on its reverse side. 

However, Baker is mostly known for their skating skills, and their two photos of performing a 360 flip, and a hardflip down 8 stairs are still remembered by everyone.

Who Is Leo Baker Partner?

According to the documentary, Leo's partner's name is Melissa Bueno. Even though Melissa is not a skater herself, it did not affect her relationship with Leo.

Their relationship started in 2017, and even though their personalities are different, they complement each other very well.

Melissa is more of an extrovert and very outgoing, while Leo is an introvert and loves to spend time in their own space. However, the two get along because Melissa is also a part of the LGBTQ community, and they have a mutual understanding of many aspects.

She was the first person to respect Leo's identity and ask them about their pronouns. Through Melissa's support, Leo started feeling more comfortable in their skin, and they started embracing their identity. Even after transitioning, Melissa stayed by Leo's side and always supported their decisions.


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