What Happened To Steve Wilton, aka Jimmy Lishman In Shameless?

The main character of the Show, Jimmy Lishman, Cast by Steve Wilton in the Shameless, moved with the Gallagher after falling in love with Emmy Rossum, aka Fiona. 

He appears as a handsome, loveable character is shown with a rich background and history in jail. However, his wife, who is the daughter of the Brazillian drug lord, makes plans to sabotage his love life with Fiona.

Steve Wilton aka Jimmy Lishman ( Source : Biographypost )

Initially, at the start, Fiona feels stares at Jimmy in the bar while he is with his friend. She was afraid to fall in love with the character and showed hesitation in their conversation. At the end of the finale of the first season, they had started and ended like any other relationship.

Fiona gets married to Gus, and things change between the two characters as they progress towards the three season-ending. At the conclusion of Season 3 of Shameless, Jimmy is made to work for a Brazilian drug lord who is also his father-in-law. According to a report, Jimmy was supposed to die during the filming of the episode's final scene, but the production team was unable to do so because the dock's filming permit had just expired.

Does Jimmy Lishman Die?

There has not been a scene or any information though out the Shameless series that notifies the death of Jimmy Lishman.

At the end of the Season 3 of the Shameless, Jimmy is forced to father in law boat, a Brazillian drug lord, and as per the report, he was supposed to die during the shoot at the end of the episode however, the production team couldn't let the character dies as the permit for filming in the dock had just ended.

What happened to Jimmy-Steve? ( Source : Cheatsheet )

Fiona gets married to Gus, and Jimmy has affair with another woman, and the things do not work out between them. As Fiona gets guilty of cheating with Jimmy on her husband Gus, They meet, and Gus punches her in the face of jimmy, and the actress tells him that they should never meet up again. 

During the whole season arc, he did not appear in any major episode after being absent in season 4, he appeared in season 5 at the Rite of Passage. It is revealed that jimmy is currently living with the mysterious woman. In season 6 of Shameless, Fiona mentioned that jimmy might be the father of her child, which she planned on aborting.

During the interview, John stated that they were trying to figure out that they were glad that the character did not have to die that way. They were thinking about ways to make up the presenting method by showing that the character was no longer with them.

Why did  Leave Jimmy Lishman Shameless?

During the premiere of the second series of the show, the actor was forced to leave the Chatsworth Estate due to his incident in the drug dealing business that caused the accidental killings. 

Fiona And Jimmy’s ( Source : In360news )

In season 1, he ran to south Africa as he was threatened by Tony to expose his life. However, after returning in season 2 from Africa, he did not run away due to his wife, Etenfia. The character is seen desperately trying to win Fiona back despite his marriage status. 

Jimmy has an affair with a different woman, and the relationship does not work out with Fiona. she confronts him about lying about his real name. As Fiona is found to have cheated on her husband Gus with Jimmy, Gus punches her in the face of Jimmy when they first meet, and the actress advises him not to see her again.

After he is forced to remain in his wife's father's boat, he leaves and never appears in the show until season 5.