What Happened To Steve Wallis Wife? Jessica Audrey Wallis Death Cause And Obituary Details


A famous Canadian YouTuber Steve Wallis is saddened by his wife Jessica's death ( Source : instagram )

A famous Canadian Youtuber Steve Wallis is recently heartbroken because of his wife Jessica Audrey's death. He spread the news of her demise by uploading a video on his YouTube channel saying Jess left me alone all the way. 
Besides, people are curious to know the cause of Jessica's death, Steve's family, and their age. Here you begin.

Steve Wallis Wife Passed Away - Death Cause And Obituary

Canadian YouTuber Steve Wallis's wife, Jess, has passed away. The social media influencer uploaded a video confirming his wife's death and paid tribute to her for being with him on his ups and downs. 

He started the video by stating that the couple went to bed Saturday, and when he woke up Sunday, he had already lost his wife. With a trembling voice and full of tears in his eyes, the YouTuber, however, delivered the tragic news. 

He is recently on camp in the woods and may be back at his home after a week. He also confesses that all the lights he had in his life are due to his wife, and she is suddenly left alone on the path they have been walking together. 

Twitter is now flooded with tons of condolences for Steve and his relatives to bear the colossal loss and have faith in the future. The influencer was seen as deadly heartbroken due to the recent tragedy. 

However, Steve has not revealed the cause of his wife's death. She had probably been suffering from health disorders in the past, or she may die suddenly without a symptom as Steve was shocked after seeing his wife dead.

Jessica, Steve's wife, works as a teacher in a public school but wishes to stay out of the spotlight. Although there is a handful online, we can understand why she wouldn't want her image to be widely distributed.

Steve Wallis Age: How Old Is He?

Steven Wallis, born on September 10, 1981, is a Canadian YouTuber primarily known for his camping and outdoor recreation videos. The influencer is 40 years old as of now(20220). He is a native of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

Before swaping his career as a full-time YouTuber, Steve worked in television production.

As a young guy, he lived in a recreational vehicle in Victoria, British Columbia, for a while. He described the arrangement, which he called "boondocking," as being out of need, not choice while reflecting on this time in his life.

When Wallis first learned about YouTube, he believed it to be a platform for sharing popular parody videos. He focused on producing more of this kind of content after sharing a video of himself camping in -32°C weather and witnessing the positive feedback it received in the comments.

Wallis' YouTube channel, launched on April 19, 2010, has centered on unconventional camping practices such as boondocking, urban stealth, gold panning, bushcraft, and yard camping. His efforts often revolve around "taking back camping for the people," which entails sleeping in parking lots, starting fires with hand sanitizers, and eschewing expensive camping gear.

He also enjoys "Step Two," enjoying a beer or other suitable beverage once he has set up camp. He began posting weekly films on Thursdays in July 2020 that were structured 15 to 25-minute recordings of "setting up camp, making the fire, cooking his supper, going to bed, waking up, tearing down camp, and leaving."

Building outdoor campers, showing his viewers how to perform DIY projects, and finally drinking beer, Wallis spends four seasons camping in some of the coldest places in Canada where people live. Canadian YouTubers Joe Robinet and Alexis outdoors value his video editing abilities and post comparable films to him.

Source: Wikipedia

Steve Wallis Family

The notorious YouTuber was born and raised in Vancouver by his caring parents in a wealthy family. He has beautiful childhood memories with his parents. 

Wallis lives outside Edson, Alberta, with his wife, Jessica Audrey Wallis, who he refers to as "Beautiful Wife" on his YouTube channel, despite being absent from any of the videos. The YouTuber's wife recently passed away, and he is alone now. 

Information regarding his wedding date, marriage ceremony, and children is not public. We are baffled if the influencer has a single child, as he never talked about them in his videos. 

He used to live in Edmonton, where he frequently goes stealth camping. Wallis is the owner of a heating business. Wallis revealed the untimely death of his wife on his YouTube account on August 25, 2022.

The adventurous crazy has more than a million subscribers on his YouTube channel. The YouTuber is successful in grabbing 151.8 million views on his total uploads


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