What Happened To Pat Carroll? Death Cause And Obituary Of The Ursula Voice Actor


Actress Pat Carroll died Saturday in her home in Cape Cod, Massachusetts ( Source : Twitter )

At age 95, Pat Carroll, a voiceover and onscreen actress, peacefully died from Pneumonia at her home in Cape Cod. 

Carroll was an American actress and a comedian known for voicing the fictional character Ursula in the animated featured movie The Little Mermaid. She had contributed to the entertainment world for 73 years. 

Moreover, Carroll emerged in CBS'S The Danny Thomas Show, ABC's Laverne & Shirley, and NBC's ER. She made an impression as a voice actor for various cartoon shows. Even she was an EMMY, DRama DEsk, and Grammy Award winner. Also, the actress had nominated for Tony Award. 

Obituary: Pat Carroll Death Cause

Carroll was dead while recovering from an infection called Pneumonia. Carroll's daughter, Kerry Karsian, disclosed to The Hollywood Reporter that her mother died on Saturday due to her medical condition. 

At the time of Pat's death, she was at her residence in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and took her last breath at her home. The actress was with her best friend. Pat's followers are sad to hear about the passing away of the legendary actress. 

Carroll was a legend on stage, on TV, and in film. She's done fantastic work throughout the years, including in animation voicing Ursula in The Little Mermaid and Granny in the English dub of My Neighbor Totoro. And her fans missed her for her work. 

Additionally, people mentioned her obituary, and Carroll deserves to get remembered for her ability and enduring career, which spans decades, art forms, and a range of roles. She contributed her life to the acting field and is acknowledged to have a long acting career. 

Was Pat Carroll In An Accident?

No, Carroll did not die of an accident. She demise at her home due to medical health problems. According to Carroll's daughter, her mom suffered from Pneumonia and was in the recovery phase. Later, on July 30, 2022, she died on her bed in the early morning while her best friend was with her. 

Further, Carroll's death is a painful period for her family and fans. She was a tireless voice of Ursula who brought the character to life for over 30 years and treasured interactions with fans. Pat was a showbiz legend, and her legacy will live forever in the fortunate souls.

People are remembering her work and giving tribute to the actress. Perhaps, her fans thanked the actress for bringing them one of the most iconic Disney villains of all time. 

Pat Carroll's Husband Lee Karsian And Their Kids 

Carroll tied the knot with Lee Karsian in 1955 and had three children. Tara, Sean, and Kerry are the kids of the couple. However, in 1976, they ended their blissful marriage in a divorce. 

An American actress and writer Tara Karsian shared the news of her mother's demise on her Instagram. The actress is the daughter of the late comedian Carroll. 

Tara started her career in 1989 after arriving in the sequence Married with Children and other movie episodes. Also, the writer was a part of television series like Desperate Housewives, CSI Crime Scene Investigation, and Prison Break. 

Carroll, another daughter of Kerry, has taken the footstep of her mon. She is a casting director who reported her mom's death to the media. 

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