What Happened To Oliver Saunders? Everything We Know About Garcelle Beauvais Son


Oliver Saunders and Garcelle Beauvais ( Source : instagram )

Oliver is the first child Garcelle had with Daniel Saunders. Jax and Jaid, twin kids of Garcelle's second ex-husband Michael Nilon, are with her.

Actress, novelist, television personality, and former model Garcelle Beauvais is of Haitian descent. She is best recognized for her leading performances in the television series NYPD Blue and the sitcom The Jamie Foxx Show.

She also made appearances in the movies White House Down (2013), Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Coming to America (2017) and its sequel. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, a reality television series, added Beauvais to its core cast in 2020.

What Happened To Garcelle Beauvais Son Oliver? His Face Tattoo 

Jax, the adolescent son of Garcelle Beauvais, shared an Instagram Story video on Tuesday showing himself looking through notifications for his most recent post, which was published on July 17.

He asked that people leave him alone because he was also the target of criticism because of the controversy surrounding his mother. As Jax scrolled, remarks referring to his family as "immigrants" and charging his mother with "using race for everything" could be seen.

Other comments described the 55-year-old "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star as "uneducated" and "fame"-hungry."

Oliver Beauvais, age 31, who had previously battled addiction, was the subject of several remarks.

Oliver has talked about how overcoming a drug addiction led to a successful rap career and his love and commitment to parenthood. The mother-son duo eventually started a new chapter after a few years of tension when Oliver opted to seek addiction treatment.

Oliver Saunders Wife- Is He Married? 

Samantha and Oliver are married, and together they have two kids. Garcelle mentioned that Oliver started working for Lisa Vanderpump in a recent episode of "RHOBH."

Currently, the 31-year-old is connected to the RHOBH alum's Las Vegas Cocktail Bar. Lisa lavished Oliver with praise in a recent interview, so it appears that he has established himself as a fantastic worker.

Oliver joined his mother as a guest on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" on an episode. Garcelle said simply that the ladies' gushing over Oliver was sweet until it became creepy and invited the audience to watch the show when Andy questioned her about it.

Erika isn't afraid of any man as the newest single on the scene, especially Oliver, the oldest son of fellow housewife Garcelle Beauvais. During Garcelle's birthday celebration, Erika caught a glimpse of Oliver and started flirting with him.

Oliver with his son and mom
Oliver with his son and mom ( Source : instagram )

In a preview film that Bravo recently made available, we witness a very inebriated Erika summoning Oliver to her and coyly asking him whether he's single.

The singer of "Pretty Mess" is unfazed even after Oliver reveals to her that he is married and has two children. Erika instructs Oliver to DM Erika so they can have a "three-way" by asking Oliver's wife to do so.

Along with glancing at Oliver, Erika also managed to irritate Garcelle. Since the homemakers are well known for fiercely protecting their families, we are eager to observe how Garcelle and Erika's relationship develops.

Oliver Saunders Net Worth

Oliver Saunders's net worth has not been revealed. However, his mother, Garcelle Beauvais, has a massive net worth of $8 million. 

Beauvais' pay on The Real talk show is reportedly $96,990 per month. Every season, she makes about $1.9 million. Her RHOBH earnings are still unknown, though.

She had already amassed a sizable wealth before this via her numerous film and television roles. She probably earned a considerable fortune from her non-media ventures as well.

Petit Bijou is a collection of children's jewelry that Beauvais introduced in 2008. I Am Mixed, a picture book she published in 2013, is about twins who "explore the thoughts and emotions of being of mixed races."

Going to Bed with Garcelle, a weekly late-night talk show podcast that she presents features guests who discuss dating, sex, and relationships.

Beauvais had many engagements as a model, but once she decided to work in movies and TV, she seamlessly transitioned from the fashion sector to the film industry.

After moving to the West Coast, Garcelle was offered a role in the drama Models, Inc. (Fox, 1994-95). She became a star thanks to her three-season role in the ground-breaking ABC police program NYPD Blue (1993–2005).


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