What Happened To Mika Brzezinski Mother Emilie Brzezinski? Family Tragedy and Funeral Arrangements


Mika Brzezinski with her late mother Emilie Brzezinski ( Source : Instagram )

Remembering Emilie Brzezinski, Mika Brzezinski's mother, who passed away on Friday, July 22, five years after her deceased husband, Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security adviser to Jimmy Carter.

American journalist, liberal political pundit, talk show host, and author Mika Brzezinski presently co-hosts Morning Joe on MSNBC on weekday mornings.

The journalist had previously worked as a correspondent for CBS News, where she worked as the network's lead "Ground Zero" reporter on the morning of the 9/11 attacks.

Mika began working for MSNBC in 2007 as a fill-in anchor before being selected to co-host Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough.

What Happened To Mika Brzezinski Mother Emilie Brzezinski?

At the age of 90, Emilie Brzezinski passed away on July 22 in Jupiter, Florida. According to her daughter Mika Brzezinski, co-host of the MSNBC program "Morning Joe," she had Parkinson's disease.

Both the 2003 Florence Biennale and the 2005 Vancouver International Sculpture Biennale featured works by Mrs. Brzezinski. Her lone public sculpture, a bronze cast of "Arch in Flight," a wood carving, was displayed in Washington, D.C., not far from the Corcoran Gallery of Art.

Geneva welcomed Emilie on January 21, 1932. Her great-uncle Edvard Benes served as president of the country twice, and her father Bohus was a diplomat for the Czech Republic.

When World War II began, she relocated to London with her parents. The family relocated again in 1943, this time to California, after traveling across the Atlantic in a U.S. convoy attacked by German U-boats and sunk.

After receiving a fine arts degree from Wellesley College in 1953, Mrs. Brzezinski went on to work at a Harvard library, where she eventually met her future husband. He was also the child of a Central European exiled ambassador.

After being married in 1955 and relocating to McLean in 1977, Mrs. Brzezinski operated their six-acre suburban property like a little farm, complete with dogs, ducks, and her daughter's horse, which she invited over for the yearly Christmas party.

Mika Brzezinski Family Tragedy- All We Know About Her Mother Funeral Arrangements 

The daughter of Swiss-born sculptor Emilie Anna Beneová and former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski of Polish descent, Brzezinski was born in New York City.

In 2017, her dad passed away. She must be dealing with a lot now that both her parents are gone. The specifics of Emilie's funeral have not yet been made public on the internet.

Her mother is Edvard Bene's grandniece from Czechoslovakia. In late 1976, when newly elected President Jimmy Carter selected Zbigniew as National Security Advisor, the family relocated to McLean, Virginia, close to Washington, D.C.

American diplomat Mark Brzezinski, her brother, served as Sweden's ambassador from 2011 to 2015 and Poland's ambassador starting in 2022. Ian Brzezinski, a military expert, is her 2nd brother. She is a first cousin of Matthew Brzezinski, a writer.

Is Mika Brezezinski Jewish? 

Mike Brzezinski is a Catholic. Her opinions seem to be in line with those of a fervent Catholic.

For instance, Brzezinski questioned the government's requirement for birth control on her talk program in 2012. Employers, including institutions of religion, were required by law to cover the cost of birth control as part of team members' medical coverage.

In 1990, Mika started her media career as an assistant at ABC's World News This Morning. She shifted to Hartford, Connecticut's Fox affiliate WTIC-TV/WTIC-DT, which Tribune owns. From then, she relocated to general assignments reporter from assignment and features editor.

Mika Brzezinski is the daughter of diplomat & political scientist Zbigniew Brzezinski ( Source : Instagram )

She started working for Hartford's CBS affiliate WFSB-TV/WFSB-DT in 1992 and rose rapidly through the ranks to be the station's weekday morning anchor in 1995.

Mika left that position in 1997 to work for CBS News, where she was the anchor and a journalist for the Up to the Minute newscast that aired overnight.

She left CBS News in 2001 to work for competitor MSNBC, where she co-anchored the weekday afternoon program HomePage along with co-anchors Gina Gaston and Ashleigh Banfield.

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