What Happened To Lily Sullivan? Her Murder And Death Cause Explained


Lily Sullivan body was found dumped in Pembroke, Wales ( Source : instagram )

A guy who killed a minor after she refused to have sex with him has been sentenced to life in prison.

Lily Sullivan, 18, was killed by Lewis Haines, 31, of Flemish Court, Lamphey, Pembrokeshire, who admitted doing so but insisted there was no sexual motive.

On Friday, at Swansea Crown Crown Court, Lewis Haines was given a 23-year sentence for killing Lily Sullivan after a night out in Wales the previous year.

Lily's mother, Anna, stated the "real truth" of what happened the night she was killed "will haunt me for the rest of my life" after Haines was sentenced to jail.

Lily Sullivan Murder- Her Death Cause 

Early on December 17, 2021, Lily Sullivan's body was discovered in Mill Pond in Pembroke. After meeting Lily in a nightclub, Lewis Haines, a worker at an oil refinery, punched, choked, and pushed her into the water near Pembroke, southwest Wales.

Sullivan's body was found on the pond bank naked up to the waist, and Haines admitted killing him but insisted it wasn't a sexually motivated attack.

Judge Paul Thomas QC informed Swansea Crown Court that Haines choked Lily out of resentment that she refused to have sex with him.

Lewis Haines and Lily Sullivan met in a club
Lewis Haines and Lily Sullivan met in a club ( Source : twitter )

But during a fact-finding hearing at Swansea Crown Court, Judge Thomas declared that he was certain Haines had attempted to force himself on Sullivan and, when she resisted, had killed her to prevent anyone—including his long-term partner—from finding out.

He denied that he dove into the water to save Haines, as claimed by Haines. No forensic proof of a sexual assault was found. He said Haines "brutally murdered" Lily in his remarks at the sentencing hearing.

Haines will be imprisoned for life when his minimum sentence is determined on Friday.

Lily Sullivan Age- What Happened To Her? 

Lily Sullivan was 18 years old when she was murdered. 

According to Judge Thomas, Lily and Haines first met at the Out nightclub in Pembroke and shared a passionate kiss as they left the establishment.

They left the club separately, a few minutes apart, but started a conversation outdoors before moving toward a back alley close to Mill Pond.

After a while, Haines returned home and informed his partner, "I've strangled someone." Lily suffered wounds on her torso, neck, and face. Lily's mother Anna referred to their relationship as "sisterly" and having an "extraordinary link" in a statement read aloud in court.

Lilly, according to her, was a "brilliant and creative artist" and a "normal adolescent girl" who had just begun dating.

Lily Sullivan Parents

Lily Sullivan was born to Anna Sullivan. According to testimony in court, Anna was on the phone with her daughter when the attack started, and the connection went dead. Someone who lived close by noticed a woman screaming about that time.

Thirty times Anna Sullivan called back but got no answer. Grainy In the alley, Sullivan's phone was shown on CCTV repeatedly flashing as her mother tried to reach her.

Anna stated in a victim's statement that she was the only child she had, having survived 14 miscarriages. Sullivan developed into a "lovely girl inside and out" who consistently believed in the goodness of others.

She loved house music, was a gifted artist, had just begun going out with friends, and was enjoying college. While Anna was looking for her daughter, she witnessed the murderer leave the scene while oblivious to what had transpired.

When Haines walked by, Anna was waiting to pick up her daughter in her car. The thought that she could have left and located the youngster tortured her. She claimed that she was constantly replaying the evening's events.

Sullivan's mother claimed to experience panic episodes but had lost her fear of passing away because doing so would allow her to be with Sullivan.

She claimed that because of her father's dementia, who adored Sullivan, she had to explain to him continuously why his granddaughter wasn't around, which was "like causing a fresh cut every day."


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