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Gernot Reinstadler was an Austrian ski racer ( Source : instagram )

Gernot Reinstadler, an Austrian, died in a catastrophic collision in Ziel-S. He was among the most talented young athletes in the early 1990s Austrian downhill squad.

The worst day in Lauberhorn history happened down the run when young Austrian skier Gernot Reinstadler passed out after falling into ecstasy while in safety netting on the finish slope.

Reinstadler, who had yet to accrue any World Cup points, required numerous blood transfusions but continued to lose a significant amount of blood and never recovered consciousness.

But in the 91-year history of the Lauberhorn races, the darkest chapter started in 1991. The "qualifying downhill" made a somber debut at the Alpine Ski World Cup on January 18 during the Iraq War.

Gernot Reinstadler Death Video - What Happened To Him?

In preparation for the Lauberhorn race, Gernot Reinstadler lost control as he approached the finish S (German: Ziel-S) and slammed head-on into safety netting at high speed, trapping one of his skis in the process.

Reinstadler experienced severe internal bleeding, a fractured pelvis, and other injuries. After receiving many blood transfusions, he passed away at a hospital in Interlaken later that evening.

The Wengen organizing committee, led by its OC head Viktor Gertsch, began a long night. The OC postponed the weekend races after lengthy phone conversations and delicate talks.

In the end, Fuchs' feelings shifted, as detailed in the commemorative book "Ein Mythos wird 75." He had no idea how a race could be held with the flags at half-mast. He clarified, "When a race happens, you must select a new race director.

The FIS and the Swiss Ski Association supported the cancellation, and insurance paid for the financial losses. Ski circus was in deep shock.

Reinstadler shared a room with Stephan Eberharter regularly. The late Olympic champion and two-time World Cup overall winner was training for the Super-G event on the World Cup slope in Saalbach-Hinterglemm, not in Wengen.

Eberharter was astounded to learn of her friend's passing. Despite the circumstances, Zillertal won the Super-G world championship the following week. He went to his former roommate's funeral the next day. Eberharter won gold in the World Cup a few days later.

Who Was Gernot Reinstadler? His Skiing Accidents

Gernot Reinstadler tilted, tumbled backward, sailed a few meters in the air, and then dropped undisturbed upon safety nets in Ziel-S.

The Tyrolean's joy upon receiving a ski tip literally tore his legs apart. He sustained a significant vascular injury to his abdomen and a ruptured pelvis. An incredibly lengthy blood artery attained the target slope.

Reinstadler's tragic accident rekindled conversations regarding safety measures in alpine skiing competitions.

Although the Lauberhorn route was "optimal" for safety, Sepp Messner, the FIS safety official at the time, stated in an interview with the newspaper "Sport" that there was still much to be done to increase driver safety.

Gernot Reinstadler died in 1991 after a crash that caused the cancellation of a race
Gernot Reinstadler died in 1991 after a crash that caused the cancellation of a race ( Source : newsfounded )

Many people invested in this issue throughout the ensuing years. Tarpaulin protection shields are created, among other things. To lessen the chance of injury in the event of a fall, the edge of the terrain on the target jump at Lauberhorn was also removed.

Messner is also conscious that there is still a real threat. He called the Wengen deadly accident's cause "a probability of catastrophe." Similar findings led the relevant Interlaken magistrate to clear OC Lauberhorn of all charges.

Gernot Reinstadler Family 

The former giant slalom expert Traudl Eder was the mother of Gernot Reinstadler. He was viewed as a grand promise for the future and was only 20 years old when the deadly tragedy occurred.

Following the initial number, 44 was one of the kids, the gifted Austrian Gernot. Traudl Reinstadler, Gernot's mother, turned around in a "Tagesanzeiger" interview. The call from the Austrian downhill trainer brought an unbearable sadness, as described by her.

She is usually given strength because Lauberhorn's safety was afterward increased. She was aware that "Gernot's death saved the lives of others." A plaque on the target home in Wengen still remembers the horrible catastrophe that happened to Gernot thirty years ago.


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