What Happened To Gabbie Hanna - Drama And Controversy Surrounding The Web Star Explained On Reddit


Youtuber Gabbie Hanna concerns fans with her manic episode on TikTok ( Source : instagram )

Gabbie Hanna is back on TikTok with over a hundred videos in a single day concerning fans over her erratic manic behavior on her videos with a stranger inside her house.

The web star has always been controversial and known for starting drama to stay relevant on the internet, causing people to wonder if her latest manic episode was actual or just scripted to get attention for another one of her music releases.

Gabbie, best known for her storytime videos on Youtube after Vine died, is currently known for being controversial and getting into drama accusing other creators of things.

All her actions in the past few years have won her the nickname of being a narcissist, delusional, and selfish personality on the internet, which has now shifted to TikTok with her latest content.

However, her latest content has people doubting if all of this is just a facade or a cry for help from Gabbie.

Gabbie Hanna Drama & Controversy Explained On Reddit - What Happened?

Gabbie Hanna is infamous on every platform for her drama and controversies, especially on Reddit, where users are laying down and explaining the arguments she is in and has caused in the past.

The latest issue on Twitter and Reddit about Gabbie is her latest manic episode on TikTok of her screaming and ranting, saying slurs, recording TikToks with a random stranger in her house, and posting over 100 TikTok videos in 24 hours.

Some people just thought it was the classic Gabbie move of acting all crazy for attention and then releasing a new song or a project. But some viewers were genuinely concerned for the Youtuber on Reddit saying,

"Gabbie Hanna seems to be having a manic episode, and no one is showing any concern about her mental state - her fans are rooting this on like it's normal or "artistic."

Based on recent events, another creator, Ethan, also spoke up about her state, tweeting, "Gabbie Hanna seems to be in the throes of a manic episode. Please be considerate of that when talking about her online right now."

He further requested people to be friendly, writing, "We've lost Youtuber like this before, and everyone said never again. So be nice please, she needs help right now, not ridicule."

Another user updated the fans on her condition, saying that cops were at Gabby's house, and she got the help.

Fans of Gabbie, along with everyone on the internet, hope that the internet celebrity is doing fine and gets better soon if she is having an actual manic episode.

Gabbie has had a lot of drama with her former friends, including the Vlog Squad, Trisha Paytas, and many more, but one of her most controversial moments was her drama with Jessi Smiles, a former friend of hers.

Hanna did not believe her friend, Jessi, about her sexual assault allegations. She was friends with her assaulter while blaming Jessi for the whole situation and bringing up the problem again.

The whole situation rubbed her audience the wrong way, causing her to lose many subscribers to her channel.

Gabbie Hanna's Siblings And Parents Revealed

Gabbie Hanna was born to parents James Hanna and Michelle Hanna and raised in New Castle, Pennsylvania, alongside her six other siblings.

Gabbie comes from a mixed background as her father, James, has Polish and Lebanese roots while her mother, Michelle, has French background.

Gabbie Hanna with her mother and her siblings
Gabbie Hanna with her mother and her siblings ( Source : biographymask )

Her mother is a massage therapist who earned her certificate from the Pennsylvania State University. Meanwhile, her father hasn't disclosed his line of work and likes to stay away from the public.

She has five sisters and a brother who grew up in Pennsylvania, but unlike their YouTuber sister, they don't appear on social media as much.

Her brother is named Sam Hanna, while her five sisters are Cherisa Hanna, Cecilia Hanna, Genny Hanna, Monica Hanna, and Masdelynn Hanna.


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