What Happened To Francoise Littlejohn & His Kids? Details About The Murder Suicide Case


Francoise Littlejohn, father of three. ( Source : Koco )

Francoise Littlejohn was the father of three kids he murdered and then proceeded to end his own life.

We have been hearing many bizarre news and stories about people every day. But the case of Francoise Littlejohn has shaken everyone worldwide.

Francoise Littlejohn, the father of three children, got upset at his baby's mother and claimed she cheated on him and gave him STD, which drove him to kill his three children and take his own life.

Who Was Francoise Littlejohn From Oklahoma? Murder & Suicide Case

Police have identified Francoise Littlejohn as a man from Oklahoma. Francoise went on Facebook Livestream to express his frustrations related to his wife.

Francoise Littlejohn on the livestream prior to his death.
Francoise Littlejohn on the livestream prior to his death. ( Source : Whereisthebuzz )

He claimed that she cheated on him and gave him an STD. This had upset Francoise enough even to take the life of his own three children.

Francoise's friends and relatives watched the Livestream and notified the police instantly. However, he ended the Livestream before he took the life of his children and himself. 

Officers were first dispatched to Littlejohn's residence in northwest Oklahoma City to check on the family's well-being before launching a more extensive search for the missing youngsters. However, Francoise took his children to the 11300 block of Treemont Lane and took their lives. 

A jogger later discovered the bodies, and they alerted the police. 

How Old Was Francoise Littlejohn?

Francoise was 29 years old at the time of his demise. It is unclear what led Francoise to take the lives of his children. However, it appears that he was frustrated at his wife's infidelity.

All of his children were identified to be under seven years of age. His children's names were Trinity Littlejohn, who was three years old; Aliyah Littlejohn, who was four years old; and Kyren Littlejohn, who was six years old.

Littlejohn used a gun to take the life of his children before he turned the gun on himself. His friends and family watching the Livestream had seen him upset but did not know he was going to take some extreme measures out of frustration.

The father of three ended his stream before he took the life of his kids and ended his own life. 

Who Is Francoise Littlejohn Wife?

There have been no reports about Francoise's wife at the moment. However, the only known information is that she had been cheating on Francoise and giving him an STD.

When Littlejohn's automobile arrived there at 4:11 in the morning, it was in a neighborhood north of W Hefner Road between North Council and County Line Roads, according to security footage examined by police.

It is still unclear why Francoise chose that location to take the life of his kids. The incident has shaken people from every part of the country. People have been sending their prayers through different social media platforms.

Since Francoise went on Livestream before taking his life, people could put two and two together and be able to find his identity and his children's identity before the police even released it. 

However, there has been no news about Francoise's wife and her identity. She has kept silent about the whole situation and must be grieving her children's loss.


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