What Happened To Edp445 - Was He Arrested For Being A Predator? Details To Know


EDP445 arrested for talking to a minor ( Source : Twitter )

The Predator Poachers group accused Edp445 of chatting with 13 years girl and had arrested for child grooming and Pedophilia. 

Edp445 is an American YouTuber who uploads videos related to rants, vlogs, Cooking, reviews, and gaming. EDP445 2.0 was his deleted backup channel, an EDPGAMING1 gaming channel, and CHAOTICKITCHEN445 is his cooking channel. 

Furthermore, Edp445 uploaded the videos on the channel SomeOrdinaryGamers in his backup channel. He even grasped fame in the sports community after uploading videos related to his favorite team, the Eagles. 

From July 2020, Edp445 was blamed for being involved in allegations of child grooming and Pedophilia. After the allegations, he privatized his videos, and YouTuber terminated his channel after three days. 

Is Edp445 A Predator - Was He Arrested?

Edp445 had rumored to be arrested after spotting on camera while meeting an underage girl. It has stated that he reached up to the location to meet up with the 13-year girl. Before that, he was chatting with the girl and later decided to meet in person. 

The whole conversation was recorded and live-streamed at the moment. For several years, netizens commented about the YouTuber having an improper talk with that girl. But the YouTuber had posted the video related to the comment. 

Edp445 responded he was trolling those accounts. Also, his fans supported him after he brought up the story. However, a Reddit user has mentioned on the website that the YouTuber never apologized for activities and messages in the wrong way to an underage girl. 

On May 18, someone posted that Bryant Turhan Emerson Moreland, otherwise known as EDP445, had been arrested in California for tax evasion. So, the news is going around about EDP445 getting arrested, but it is unbelievable until there's trustworthy evidence.

In addition, on Twitter, people make comments on the incident. Unfortunately not, but that's the case with child predators online. EDP445, Mini Ladd, and people like them have been predators. However, like Sarah, neither person was arrested, but there was a mountain of evidence against them.

Edp445 was accused of messaging a fake 13-year-old ( Source : Youtube )

A report by Press Reality shows that media portal MTO News reported that EDP445 was captured on video trying to meet an underage girl. Reportedly, he was spotted and accused by a group of child protection activists called Predator Poachers.

Moreover, the media portal knew that the men behind Predator Poachers went online and acted as underage girls. Afterward, they have an inappropriate conversation with men and arrange a meet-up with them. Similarly, the video footage captured EDP445.

Edp445 Pedophile Charges 

Edp445 has been accused of Pedophile. The Predator Poachers activist group accused him of trying to meet the teenage girl. On the Instagram reel, Predator Poachers shared the picture and videos related to the YouTuber on April 18, 2021. 

The group disclosed the images of the Edp445 message to 13 years old girl. An online group exposed him that aims to raise awareness about online Pedophiles, and they protect underage children who will be the victim. 

In April, they shared the chat of the YouTuber with the girl. Also, they posted a video on youtube about the allegations against Edp445. However, the live stream has deleted during that period. 

Nevertheless, Edp445 admitted he texted the girl double after knowing she was underage. According to MTO News, the Predator Poachers team traps the prey by chatting online like a teenage girl, arranging a meeting, and even collecting evidence against them. 

After using a similar technique with Edp445, he was seized on camera. Even the group has multiple conversations with Poachers pretending to be an underage girls. Perhaps, it is not the first time the YouTuber had accused of Pedophilia. 

Before this, he was indicted for sending inappropriate messages on the internet when he was 17. It was reported that the YouTuber threatened the person, not the shared the news or making it viral. 

Edp445 Real Name On Wikipedia

Edp445's real name is Deyione Scott-Wilson Eason. He was born on December 15, 1990, as Bryant Turhan Emerson Moreland. He is currently 31 years old. He is an American YouTuber acknowledged for his rant videos and vlogs. 

Besides this, people recognized Edp445 as an American football team fan of the Philadelphia Eagles. On June 13, 2012, the YouTuber created his channel and uploaded his first video performing a freestyle rap on the same day. 

Youtuber deletes all of Edp445 videos ( Source : Insider )

At age 19, he started appearing on the YouTuber. However, after five months of using the channel, he uploaded an Eagles-related video. After November 16, the main topic on his track is Philadelphia Eagles. 

Edp445 posted the video related to Cooking, rants, Q&As, internet challenges, and vlogs. Nonetheless, the YouTuber took his step in hosting a series named Don't You Hate That. His YouTuber channel hot 1 million subscribers on February 12, 2020.

On March 5, 2020, Edp445 shared the video where he mentioned youtube denied providing him Gold Play Button. He named the video No YouTube gold plaque/Play Button and said his channel doesn't match their eligibility criteria.

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