What Happened To Ashley Lockhart? Mother of 6 Stabbed In Philadelphia By Her Boyfriend


Ashley Lockhart Philadelphia ( Source : Gossiponthis )

Twitter is currently filled with condolence messages to Ashley Lockhart, the mother of six children who allegedly got murdered by her own boyfriend. While netizens are still waiting for an official confirmation, the social media world has already dissected her personal details. 

A tweet says, "RIP to this beautiful mother Ashley Lockhart. She reportedly suffered multiple stab wounds to her body and one to her face. Now these beautiful kids are without their mother."

What Happened To Ashley Lockhart? Mother of 6 Stabbed In Philadelphia

Ashley Lockhart was found in an horrific situation inside a gold Honda Odyssey in West Philadelphia side road. The incident was recorded around 8:30 AM on 6th of August as per the authorities. 

She has been identified as a 32 year old woman who was a mother of six children. Apparentley living with her boyfriend, the crime scene was six blocks away from where they lived. 

This person of interest is thought to be Ashley Lockhart's lover, who is also the presumed father of her children.

Although Lockhart's name hasn't been included in official news sources, the quantity of individuals discussing the tragic incident on social media has made her a current Facebook trend.

A picture of Lockhart and her six girls, who range in age from five months to ten years old, that has been circulating online also includes a man who appears to be her boyfriend and the alleged murderer.

Who Is Ashley Lockhart's Boyfriend?

Ashley Lockhart's boyfriend is the major suspect in her death case. The rumors say that the motive behind the murder has not been revealed but it was a series of domestic violence turned into bloodshed. 

The woman was stabbed 18 times across her body and face as seen on surveillance video as the man thought to be her boyfriend seemed to abuse her before jumping into the car.

The incident was so horrifying, according to sources who talked with Fox 29, that the victim's skull still had the knife in it when police arrived. Those in the community who spoke about the awful tragedy did so with shock and sadness.

Similarly, no arrests have been made apart from the revealetion of the name of interest. Fox29 interviewed the people around her and everyone is disbelief of what actually happened. Their neighbor Lydia says that she was scared for everybody, her children and her community. A facebook shared the news video and asked all the fellow ladies to walk out of an abusive relationship.

She had a protection order against her baby father which meant that he is not to be around her. That’s just a piece of paper if you are capable of such a terrible move. It is extremely sad that the six little angels lost both of their parents. However, the reports do not mention if all the kids are the murderer's own. 


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