What Happened To Andrew Mcgillivray? Bongaree Man Accident Details Revealed


Andrew Mcgillivray From Bongaree died on December 6, 2021 ( Source : Instagram )

Andrew Mcgillivray was a motorcyclist who died on December 6, 2021; his bike collided with the Truck in Ningi. 

Andrew was an influencer and social figure. In memory of the late fitness personality, Dixxon Flannel Co. created a new t-shirt. His last post on Instagram was on December 4, 2021, two days before his death. 

Who Was Andrew Mcgillivray From Bongaree?

Andrew was the influencer from Bingaree, who died after a motorcycle accident in 2021. Hundreds of people at his funeral lined Welsby Parade and Bribie Island Bridge with 400 motorcycles to escort his body. 

On the final journey, his wife accompanies him. Andrew was the person who inspired and assisted so many people in achieving their personal goals. Also, his styling behavior and personality always laugh at people's faces. 

Dixxon honored the late Andrew with The McGillivray. People have created a tribute page for Andrew 'Kiwi' McGillivray. He was a fitness trainer who used to love his Dixxons, and being a part of the DixxonLand was the best moment for him.

Additionally, It was the place where the influencer could honestly be himself. In loving memory of the public figure, The McGillivray will be available on July 31, 2022, at 5 pm PDT. 

The Facebook page shared his memorial and pinned, 'When I put The McGillivray on, I feel wrapped in his arms again, warm, safe and loved. Thank you, everyone, for loving my darling crazy man; I'm sure he is living his best afterlife basking in all this attention and changing what everyone is wearing.

Does Andrew Mcgillivray Die In A Motorcycle Accident

Andrew of Bongaree had a motorcycle accident and died in the collision with the truck's rear. The incident took place near Bribie Island Rd at Ningi. He died on Monday, December 6, at about 11.20 am. 

Moreover, Andrew's friends gave tribute via social media. Even they have created a tribute page for him. His wife, Cathy, conducted the last journey and asked his friends and follower to wear the loudest, brightest color on his previous day. 

Andrew Mcgillivray Family Details

Mcgillivray has a caring family who has supported him throughout his life journey. He tied the knot with his beloved wife Cathy and has children Benjamin, Samuel, and Jacob. His wife is active on Instagram under the handle @bribiewitch. 

Additionally, They had lost one part of the family. On July 6, Cathy shared the picture of his husband and pinned, Seven months of heartache now that he has gone. She held everyday memories within her dreams. Vibrant days of love and laughter forever deep in her.'

Further, Andrew's last day was celebrated with close relatives and friends who reflected the joy and love Andrew used to provide for people. Also, his sons have to give tribute and, in their father's memory, form Easyrider's social motorcycle club. 

At last, El Camino convinced for the last time to roar of Harley-Davidson engines while leaving the Chapel. Micheal Thomas has written he will be missed but never forgotten. 

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