What Happened To Alanna Gabin? Death Cause Obituary And Family Details


Alanna Gabin (left) Had Worked With Chloe Sevigny ( Source : Gettyimages )

Alanna Gabin's death news was all over the internet in 2021. She was an agent, producer, & creative consultant from New York who had worked with actresses like Chloe Sevigny. 

A year has passed since she died. But, she remains alive in the hearts and memories of her loved ones. 

Alanna Gabin Death Cause- Did She Died Of Covid?

Alanna Gabin touched many hearts before her untimely demise. Many of her friends, partner, and family paid her a tribute. 

Her partner, Paulgar Roura and Brian Anderson released a short film named Lannibug. The film portrays life through the dim and dark days of covid to the hopeful present in New Jersey. It is also a love letter from Paul to his late wife.

Alanna died of covid on January 31, 2021. She was his partner of 15 years. She was his love and a strong supporter of his.

He mentioned during the interview that he continued the film shooting following her death because he wanted to do something that she would be proud of rather than staying home all by himself. 

Likewise, Tara Subkoff, founder of the fashion label Imitation of Christ, dedicated her Winter/Fall collection of 2021. After suffering from covid herself and losing a friend, she thought it was time to discover beauty in darkness, writes Forbes

She expressed that she was lucky to be alive even after suffering from the virus, but it made her realize that life was too short. She lost her long-time friend and collaborator, Gabin, too. Although the concept was developed before Gabin's death, she dedicated it to honor her. 

Alanna Gabin Obituary Notice 

Alanna Gabin's husband, Paulgar, posted an official obituary notice on his IG handle. She died on January 31, 2021. Her parents and family laid her to rest on February 12, 2021, and bid their final goodbye at the Calvary Cemetary, Clearwater, Florida. 

He also expressed his gratitude to all people who showed their support and kindness during the difficult times. Many people had sent condolences to her family and friends and kept them in their prayers. 

What Happened To Alanna Gabin?

Alanna Gabin died of covid-19 in 2021. She was loved by many. She was an agent, producer, project Manager & creative consultant from New York. 

She had 15 years of experience in the industry. She had worked alongside actress Chloe Sevigny. 


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