What Happened Between YK Osiris and Diddy and What Is A Boy Toy?


Rapper YK Osiris at The Crown at Hotel 50 Bowery in New York in 2019 ( Source : Billboard )

Rapper and singer YK Osirisrecently made an appearance at the breakfast club interview, and they talked about his new music and the rumors of him being Diddy’s boy toy.

The young rapper has recently risen to Fame after being linked with rapper Diddy, and his recent appearances around singer Drake have also helped him get public attention.

What Happened Between YK Osiris and Diddy? Rumors About YK Osiris Being Diddy’s Boy Toy

YK Osiris is an up-and-coming hip hop and R&B rapper-singer who got involved in rumors of being an American rapper, Diddy’s boy toy.

To anyone unfamiliar with the term boy toy, it is the term to describe a young man preferred by older men or women mainly for pleasure.

The rumors regarding the two rappers dating started surfacing in early 2021 when they were allegedly vacationing together in Jamaica, and Diddy allegedly paid all the expenses for the young rapper.

Another user on Lipstick Alley posted about the two singers dating and Osiris being Diddy’s boy toy since they heard rumors about Diddy’s social circles involved in sexual favors in the industry.

Everyone thought the two were dating, but in August of the same year, Diddy’s name got linked with Caresha, so the rumors died. However, the hosts of the Breakfast Club Interview brought up the past rumors, and YK laughed it off, saying he did not care about the stories.

Breakfast Club Interview Details

On August 4, YK Osiris appeared on the Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM, where he talked about his new music releases, his friendship with Drake, controversies, and Diddy’s boy toy topic.

The interview started with the hosts asking the young rapper about his newfound friendship with Drake, to which he replied that Drake is genuinely pleasant and like a brother to the rapper.

Osiris also talked about his Instagram feud where he recently flirted with another pop singer, and another singer laughed at the rapper’s music.

He also talked about how he wants to put out serious music and be taken seriously despite all the time he spent being the funny guy during the interview with the Breakfast Club.

YK Osiris Net Worth in 2022

According to CA Knowledge, YK Osiris has a net worth of around $2 million, where his annual income adds up to $100,000. His recent appearance on the Breakfast Club significantly boosted his popularity.

YK has been in the music industry as a singer, rapper, and songwriter since 2017, with some great hits, like Worth It and Valentine, at the beginning of his career.

Osiris recently came out with a new song named Be My Girl, which is doing great with over 350k views on his youtube channel, while his song Worth It has over 116 million views on the platform.

The 23 year old gained a lot of attention from the public after being friends with singer Drake and his former rumors of being involved in a relationship with Diddy.

Although neither addressed the rumors, the rumors definitely helped boost the rappers fame. 

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