What Happened Between Sara Orlesky and Tyler Myers? Reporter's Divorce and New Relationship 2022


Sara Orlesky captured the American-born Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman Tyler Myers's story of his son brith ( Source : instagram )

Tyler Myers shared the emotional story with Sara Orlesky in 2017. 

Orlesky is a Canadian sports reporter and a member of TSN SportsCentre. She is the Winnipeg Bureau Reporter. She was honored as among the top young female sports broadcasters in Canada in 2008 by The Globe And Mail. 

2007, Sara was appointed but joined TSN in 2008. Before working at TSN, she resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. Previously, the reporter used to work for The Score as a reporter. She joined as a weekend sports producer for Citytv Vancouver while studying at Simon Fraser University. 

What Happened Between Sara Orlesky And Tyler Myers?

TSN's Sara Orlesky shared the story of Michela and Tyler Myers' son, Tristan. She was glad to be a part of their story. The birth of the player's son was a challenging yet rewarding journey for him.

On March 14, 2017, Sara shared the article and pinned, 'Thanks to Tyler and Michela Myers for sharing their emotional story with me.' In 2017, TSN featured the story of the American-born Canadian professional hockey player's life perspective.

The couple faced a rough patch that came with numerous heartbreaks. Eventually, it showed Tyler and Michela's courage and later happy life with their son Tristan. 

Sara Orlesky thanks Michela and Tyler Myers to let her cover their story
Sara Orlesky thanks Michela and Tyler Myers to let her cover their story ( Source : instagram )

After the player gets a call from his wife, he takes her to the hospital. She went through treatment and had 30 minutes ultrasound. The baby was not moving, so the baby had to come out after an emergency C-section.

The birth of Tyler's first child was five weeks early. The doctor told Myers that her baby was a boy and that he was breathing. But the boy was placed at that time. After three hours of delivery, Michela can see her kid. It was a scary moment for her.

Kimmi Chex, an American journalist for NFL media, married her husband, Jason White, on December 31, 2021, at the Universal Life Church.

Sara Orlesky And Her Husband Divorced In 2022

Orlesky is a married woman and may have a loving husband. There is no news about the divorce between Orlesky and her partner. The television personality is active on social sites and shares pictures with her colleagues. 

Orlesky posted a picture with Josh Green. He is a guest on 'The Pressbox' on Jets on TSN. She shared the first picture when she was trying to focus and the second one when Green was focusing. The third pic was the producer realizing and concentrating on the photo.

Orlesky reported good things about the sailors she met on HMCS St.John's. She even gave special thanks to Captain Gillis for the hospitality. The journey of the television personality has been an unbelievable experience. 

On June 12, Orlesky had the chance to spend a little time with the Grey Cup during week one of the 2022 CFL season. She posted a picture with Jeff McWhinney, a keeper of the Cup and members of the RCMP's Honour Guard.

Former basketball player Monica Mcnutt now works as a commentator and game specialist for the ACC organization.

Sara Orlesky Supportive Family Details

Orlesky was born in a caring family in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on July 31, 1980. The Canadian sports reporter mentioned the reason she loves sports. It was all because of her father. She completed her graduation from Shaftsbury High School and later joined SFU. 

When Orlesky was in university at SFU, she would call each other Sunday mornings and compare NFL games with her dad. When the sportscaster didn't get a lot of Packers games out West, her father called her and held the phone up to his TV. 

Sara Orlesky's childhood picture with her mother and father
Sara Orlesky's childhood picture with her mother and father ( Source : instagram )

As a result, Orlesky could hear the replay of the game. Her father usually watches all of her broadcasts from home. Even her dad joined a Jets game with her previously.

Orlesky added, 'It's the first time he's ever seen me at work. He always tells me how proud of me he is, and I'm equally proud to get to say that I'm his daughter.'


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