What Ethnicity Is Gabbie Hanna? Details About Her Parents And Family


Gabby Hanna is a social media personality ( Source : instagram )

Gabbie Hanna was born to her parents, James Hanna and Michelle Hanna. She belongs to mixed ethnicity. 

She was recently seen live on Tiktok, where she allegedly had manic episodes as per the netizens. She was seen throwing off some moves while playing music in the background and talking about various things like having a spiritual awakening and how black women raise their children on their own as their men leave them. 

This has made many people worry about her, whereas some argue that mental health is not an excuse for racism. 

Who Are Gabbie Hanna Parents? What Is Her Ethnicity?

Gabbie Hanna is one of the seven children of her parents. Her father, James Hanna, and mother, Michelle Hanna, gave birth to her in New Castle, Pennsylvania.

Her dad is said to have mixed heritage. He has Lebanese and Polish roots. However, he got married to Michelle, who was of French descent.

Gabbie Hanna's with her family
Gabbie Hanna's with her family ( Source : biographymask )

As a result, Gabbie's ethnicity is Lebanese, Polish, and French. Her mom is a licensed massage therapist who completed her education at Pennsylvania State University. She also studied at Pittsburg School of Massage Therapy.

On the other hand, her dad remains out of the spotlight. There is not much information about him online. 

Gabbie Hanna Suffers From Mental Illness

Gabbie Hanna was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She has talked about mental illness many times before. And some of her comments or advice have caused controversies as well.

Earlier this year, she advised those who are depressed to engage in various activities, adding that she had been inspired to open a rug-making studio after watching a man create one on TikTok, as per Insider. 

Many people who commented on her video criticized her for suggesting such expensive hobbies. The controversy became widespread as several YouTube drama channels, which frequently comment on influencer controversies, posted videos expressing their opinion.

They said that her TikTok implied that hobbies could treat depression while being "privileged" and "tone-deaf" to many people who might not be able to afford equipment for sports or leisure activities.

Similarly, she was recently seen going through a manic episode. In addition, she posted several videos on Tiktok where she was talking about random things, which were also confusing. Some even said that some of her comments were offensive to some communities. 

However, people are genuinely concerned for her and ask other cyberians not to say unkind words to her as she is suffering due to her mental health. 

Meet Gabbie Hanna On Instagram

Gabbie Hanna has 2.8 million followers on Instagram. She is a popular internet celebrity and singer-songwriter. She became famous through video platforms Vine and YouTube, where she posted her content.

Her popularity increased when she released her debut single, "Out Loud," in 2017. Likewise, her second EP, Bad Karma, was released on May 15, 2020, and Trauma Queen, her debut album, was released on July 22, 2022. 

Additionally, she has written two poetry collections, Adultolescence and Dandelion, both of which were New York Times Best Seller. 


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