What Ethnicity Is Cameron Boyce? Find Out If The Actor Has African American Roots

American actor, Cameron Boyce ( Source : instagram )

American actor Cameron Boyce was a child actor who had a successful career but sadly passed away from complications from epilepsy at the age of 20.

The young actor had a bright future, with praise from the public and fellow actors for his phenomenal acting skills from a very young age.

Let us learn about the late actor's ethnic and family background, his siblings and parents, and the life he led during his 20 years.

Cameron Boyce Ethnicity: Is He Black Or White? African American Heritage Explained

Cameron Boyce has a diverse ethnic background as he belongs to the African American ethnicity and is Jewish. The actor had once opened up saying that he is Black and Jewish, so he's 'bl-ewish' in an interview.

The young actor got his African American heritage from his father, who is black and has African American along with African Caribbean descent. Cameron's grandfather was from the Caribbean, giving him some roots in the Caribbean as well.

As for his mother, she is white with Jewish background from Hungary, Russia, Lithuania, and German. Boyce had his father's curly hair and his mother's skin tone, which confused many people.

But the actor cleared up all the confusion by talking about his family background and how his parents passed down their mixed genes and cultures to the young actor.

Cameron Boyce Parents

Cameron Boyce was born to parents with a mixed ethnic background, with his father, Victor Boyce, an African American and the African Caribbean, and his mother, Libby Boyce, Jewish.

Born on May 28, 1999, Boyce's parents raised him in Los Angeles, with great opportunities for the young boy to pursue his interests in dance and acting.

Cameron developed his interest in dancing and acting at a very young age debuting in his feature film, Mirrors, where he portrayed the role of Michael Carson.

Cameron Boyce's father, Victor Boyce and mother, Libby Boyce
Cameron Boyce's father, Victor Boyce and mother, Libby Boyce ( Source : static )

His parents were very supportive of their son and were traumatized by their child's untimely death at the age of 20 from a medical condition on July 6, 2019. The family revealed that the Descendents actor passed away in his sleep from a seizure from epilepsy.

Cameron's death was very hard on his parents, and they revealed that his mother thought about her son every second of every day and could not bring herself to watch a post-humously released movie.

Did Cameron Boyce Have Any Siblings?

The Descendents' star, Cameron Boyce, grew up alongside his sibling, his little sister Maya Boyce who is also in the acting industry.

Cameron's sister is a talented actor studying theater and has starred in some projects in the past, like HomeSchooled in 2020 and Disney 364 in 2013.

Maya was devastated by her older brother's death and opened up about being there with Cameron during his last moments.

Trying to keep up with Boyce's kind heart and image, the family tries their best to attend and advocate for charities and foundations with Cameron in mind.

Maya opened up about discovering her interest in acting simultaneously with her brother, and both encouraged each other to improve their acting skills. The actor's sister is also a model and active on her social media.

She has over 569k followers on her Instagram, and the actress often advocates for the foundation in her brother's name, The Cameron Boyce Foundation, which focuses on curing epilepsy and supporting things Cameron was passionate about during his life.

Cameron's sister and his parents are actively working to keep their family member's legacy alive, honoring his life. 


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