What Does My Little Pony Jar Mean On Tiktok? Viral Meme And Trend Explored


My little pony jar meaning on tiktok ( Source : Medadmbjmc )

Find out what this new Tiktok trend My Little Pony Jar means.

Tiktok users are always looking for new trends and challenges on the platform. And, it's no surprise, that this new insane Tiktok trend My Little Pony Jar has gone viral overnight. This viral challenge is gaining millions of views and is on everyone's FYP.

Thousands of Tiktokers have been already experimenting with this new trend and gained thousands of visitors. However, viewers are having a hard time finding the meaning behind what My Little Pony Jar actually means.

Don't worry, just yet. We're about to explore what My Little Pony Jar means on Tiktok.

What Is My Little Pony Jar Meaning On Tiktok?

'My Little Pony Jar' trend is all over FYP on the Tiktok which has raised questions and led people to confusion. Whether it has any real meaning behind it is the concerning part for the viewers. Viewers have raised several queries about this experiment and are desperate to find out what it refers to and eventually participate in the challenge.

Over a million users have already used the hashtag. Some Tiktokers are giving their shocking reaction to the video, while others are trying out the challenge.

New Tiktok trend 'My Little Pony Jar' is gaining widespread attention from Tiktokers. The platform has obtained millions of views on the multiple hashtags #mylittleponyjar, #mlp, #rainbowdash, #rainbowdashjar, and such.

What Does My Little Pony Jar Entail?

People are joining the trend by making their own 'small pony jar. To try out the trend and make somewhat a decorative item, Tiktokers are using a small jar containing a small pony toy in the middle, and finally adding glue or glitter to get the challenge done.

The trend started to spread after one of the creators @bestsellar utilized a brown liquid on a small pony jar. Many Tiktokers have responded to that video out of surprise and confusion. However there is no significant meaning behind My Little Pony Jar on Tiktok. Tiktokers are always on the lookout for such trends as that is what the platform is all about.

'Pony Jar' Is A Meme That Went Viral On Tumblr

As per Urban definition, Pony Jar is a term that refers to a meme that went viral on Tumblr in 2014. One anonymous guy on Tumblr was taking on a 'Jar Project' where he would collect his sem'' on a glass jar with a rainbow dash pony toy in the middle.

Jar Project from an anonymous guy on Tumblr in 2014
Jar Project from an anonymous guy on Tumblr in 2014 ( Source : Horse-News )

Back in the day, many people on the platform followed his project as he would give them updates on his 'Pony Jar' from time to time. He'd even documented his supposed 'Science Experiment' taking pictures every once in a while.

Nowadays, people are ruining internet culture by using it as a meme. To use it as a meme, People usually say "Let's do a Pony Jar bet".

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