What Are The Allegations Against Youtuber Lui Calibre? Details We Know About The Sexual Misconduct Case


Lui Calibre is ready for YouTube. ( Source : Instagram )

Lui Calibre, a popular YouTube streamer and video maker, has become the target of new charges of sexually harassing and abusing youngsters.

After multiple victims spoke out about their interactions with the YouTube personality, Lui Calibre, actual name Luis Frederick Pablo, is now facing a fresh round of claims of sexual misconduct.

According to reports, Calibre, now 36, messaged minor girls and requested obscene images of them. Additionally, he cheated on some of his "serious" relationships while sending nude photos to these girls.

San Diego-based YouTube gamer Lui Calibre also streams occasionally on Twitch. He is well-known for his high-pitched "squeaker" voice, which he employs in all of his films to mimic the sound of a young child.

Allegations Against Lui Calibre: What Did He Do?

Lui Claibre a well-known gamer who was a member of the Vanoss Crew and had a successful YouTube channel that still has 5.17 million subscribers, disappeared around a year ago.

Seven months ago, he briefly reappeared on YouTube before ceasing altogether. The gamer from San Diego, known for his monkey mask and "squeaker voice," used to be quite well-known among gamers.

Lui Calibre had a great time at TwitchCon with @terroriser. ( Source : Instagram )

According to the source, it is learned that Lui "seems to have little remorse, guilt, or sense of wrongdoing," according to Syanne, one of the women who accused Calibre of sexual harassment.

"Lui has a history of utilizing his notoriety and fan base to entice young, impressionable admirers into'relationships' with him.

He shares their private images (some of which are of minors) without their permission and treats these females like pure trash, she claimed in a statement.

Lui Calibre Wikipedia & Age

Lui Calibre was born on July 4, 1984, in San Diego, California, in the United States.  He is 38 years of age.

He hasn't shared many details about his upbringing, such as his parents' names and occupations, whether he has siblings, or his educational history. All that is known about his early life is that he enjoyed playing video games.

In addition, People started detecting a pattern: Lui would seek out young women, often as young as adolescents, and attempt to trick them into having intercourse with him.

Additionally, he emailed them indecent, unsolicited films and images of himself. He threatened to end their life if they didn't accept him.

Lui Calibre Net Worth 2022: How Much Does He Earn?

Lui Calibre is thought to have a net worth of about $2 million as of 2022 thanks to his lucrative career on YouTube.

His videos typically feature his well-known gang of buddies having fun while playing Grand Theft Auto V, with the majority of his content focusing on gameplay.

Lui first saw Vanoss and his team while working on a GTA mission, but the mission was never finished, therefore the friendship began there.

He has posted GTA stuff in addition to Garry's Mod, where he enjoys running around and creating cool films.

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