Was Streamer Zlaner Caught Cheating In Call Of Duty?

DrDisrespect discovered Zlaner was cheating. Previously they were gearing up for $210,000 in 2020. ( Source : Facebook )

Zlaner is a content creator of OpTic Gaming caught cheating In Call of Duty by DrDisrespect. 

Zlaner is a Call of Duty esports player discovered cheating on Call of Duty Warzone after COD Hacked the player Drdisrespect. The cheating incident has spread over the internet, and people are sharing negative comments about the player. 

Was Streamer Zlaner Caught Cheating In Call Of Duty?

According to various youtube videos, the most ruthless, athletic competitor in video game history, DrDisrespect, caught Zlaner cheating in Call of Duty Warzone. People share the live video via Youtube to prove that the streamer is cheating for the money. 

After looking at the video, people shared their view in the first clip that he could have been shooting the tent preemptively because the circle was so small. The basic assumption would be that the other player was hiding inside since his teammate was downright outside of it.

Zlaner was off a trip back home to see family and became off social media for some days. ( Source : Facebook )

Even they added that if Zlaner had snapped onto a player, he would have done damage because the tent wouldn't stop the bullets. However, some blame him as the cheater from the beginning. As a result, people blame three groups at this moment, Hacktivision, the pro streamers cheaters, and the idiotized group that follow them. 

Additionally, people thought Zlaner played in a tournament on LAN once and got wrecked because he couldn't use his cheats in the LAN tournament. So he is a massive cheater. 

Viewers blame the player for cheating; if there were no cheaters, the gamers wouldn't need anti-cheat software. Although Activision doesn't tell them to cheat, the player chooses that for them. 

The followers of Zlaner saw symfuhny & cloaks sit down on random setups in person at an actual Lan event. Someone said If the streamer Zlaner is cheating, why not take him up on his offer to prove his innocence? Are they just guilty with no chance of integrity? Even he thought it was innocent until guilty.

Twitter Reactions For The Cheating Case

The cheating case has taken over Twitter, and viewers are giving their reactions. While some accuse him, and some want him to prove his innocence. People shared the hateful comment after the player wrongly played the Call of Duty.

A negative comment like he is trash at cod compared to a decent player and cannot admit there are a ton of much better players than you at a game which is weird not to be able to acknowledge since they play 8+hours a day. 

Even viewers asked the software company to do their job and ban these hackers. They felt the software companies are protecting these cheating streamers on YouTube like Biffle and Zlaner and more. 

Followers tweeted, 'There are a lot of streamers that are cheating. When one had detected, we start accusing other's the same.' Even COS is doing his thing. People have watched his video, some of which are very hard to deny. 

Previously, MissQGemini, a well-known Twitch gamer, was caught using her cheating software to cheat in the game CS: GO.

What Did Stremer Zlaner Do?

Another streamer, DrDisrespect, caught Zlaner cheating in the match Call of Duty Warzone. As a result, his followers and viewers felt he is cheating from the beginning. 

Moreover, people asked Call of Duty about the point with all the hacking they allow to take place on the game, especially with these YouTube streamers blatantly cheating Zlaner, Nadia, Swag, Biffle, and the list goes on further.

StoneMountain64 & Zlaner come out of Fortnite retirement on Friday ( Source : Facebook )

Also, viewers thought that Zlaner was still playing this game professionally after many years of cheating sort of sums up how little things to stop cheats. The event asked Raven Software to work on the case. 

Jacob Whiteaker, who is well known as yayster, was a former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player and is currently the professional VALORANT player playing for OpTic Gaming in the United States of America.

Some Quick Facts About ZLaner

  • Zlaner's real name is Zack Lane.
  • He is a streamer from Canada who was born on December 23, 1997, and in the present context, he is 24 years old.
  • He resides in North America and is part of the Optic Gaming team.
  • Previously, he was a member of La Guerrillas in June 2021. 
  • On July 21, 2021, Zlaner responded to Twitch without allowing him to compete in Esports.
  • On November 12, Optic Gaming signs Zlaner alongside CoD Hacker and Calls out others.

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