Was Selene Delgado Lopéz Found Or Is She Still Missing? Mexican Woman Unsolved Case Update


Selene Delgado, a woman who went missing in the 1990's. ( Source : Knowyourmeme )

Selene Delgado Lopez was a woman from Mexico who went missing in 1990 and has never been found.

A Facebook fake claiming that a "Selene Delgado" had mysteriously arrived on everyone's friend list started circulating in early September 2020.

However, on September 2nd, 2021, YouTuber FlorecitaDreams asserted Selene Delgado is not real with photographic proof, garnering over 103,000 views in under 11 months.

When Did Selene Delgado Lopez Go Missing And Was She Found?

Selene Delgado went missing in 1990 in Mexico. However, the case has been cold, and she was never found. There have been no leads in the case after that.

Computer representation of what Selene might look like.
Computer representation of what Selene might look like. ( Source : Newsbeezer )

Since her case has been such a mystery to many, the case has never been solved. However, people have had their theories about the Selene Delgado case in the following years.

Selene became an urban legend in Mexico, with many people thinking that she was a computer-generated face because there was no information regarding her missing person's case and no official records of her existence. But a recent Canal 5 marketing campaign film included her name once more.

The children's programming-focused channel gained notoriety earlier this year (2020) for publishing several odd and scary films on Twitter around 3 AM and then taking them down a few hours later. One of the videos also referenced Selene by name.

How Old Is Selene Delgado? 

There has been no information about Selene's age and personal life. The only thing the public knows about Selene's missing case is that she disappeared in the 1990s.

Since there have been no leads on her case, she was never found. However, on television and the internet, many instances have related to Selene's case.

While some claim that a Facebook account by the name of Selene has been going around, some believe that some television channels have also mentioned her name several times.

Selene Delgado Facebook And Family Explored

Selene Delgado Lopez, a user, has managed to get on everyone's friend list. Although you don't know her, you cannot unfriend them either. There has also been no information about Selene's family. 

The enigmatic woman is from South America, and that is all that has been made public thus far. The explanation is that most of the posts about her are in Spanish, and the hoax first gained traction in Latin America.

Lopez seems to be on your friend list since when you search for her name on Facebook, her profile is displayed, but there is no 'add friend' button.

Instead, it has a "send message" option that ordinarily does not appear for contacts not on your list. That was sufficient for many online users to conclude that she sneakily entered the friend list.

Although the profile's author is unknown and its featured image does not resemble Selene, who is missing, people have been freaking out about the Selene case again. 


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