Was Rapper Leeky G Bando Shot In Brooklyn? Is He Dead or Alive?


Brooklyn Rapper, Leeky G Bando shot in New York Bedstuy ( Source : Instagram )

Rapper Leeky G Bando was shot yesterday, August 3, in Brooklyn, New York, and authorities took him to provide him medical attention.

Bando's song lyrics involved shootings and violence, but the rapper had never been involved in any fights before during his career. Fans are concerned for the well-being of the Brooklyn Drill rapper, and authorities are trying to investigate the shooting.

Was Rapper Leeky G Bando Shot In Brooklyn?

Rapper Leeky G Bando was reportedly shot yesterday in Brooklyn, New York, with no further details regarding the shooter or other victims.

A short video on Twitter shows the injured and shot rapper lying on a stretcher as the medical team transports him to the ambulance to take him to the hospital. A bystander took the video of the injured rapper on Wednesday, and the only shooting report in New York was two men wounded in a shooting around 7 pm on Fulton Street.

The assailant shot the victims in the hip and the ankle, but the video of Bando does not look like he had any wounds on his legs or right hips.

Apart from the video on Twitter of Bando on the stretcher getting transported to a hospital, there are no updates on the rapper's health condition or details regarding the incident.

Is The Brooklyn Drill Rapper Dead or Alive?

Judging by the video of Leeky G Bando carried on the stretcher, it did not look like he was heavily injured, making people hope that he would make it out alive.

The only record of a shooting in Brooklyn was of two men getting shot in the hip and ankle; we can assume that the rapper got shot in the hip since his leg was uninjured in the video. Some sources claim that the Brooklyn Drill rapper will make it out alive and is getting treated in a local hospital in Brooklyn.

New York drill rapper, Leeky G Bando in New York City
New York drill rapper, Leeky G Bando in New York City ( Source : Instagram )

People are flooding in with good wishes for the rapper on Twitter, concerned that another rapper will suffer death from shooting since many rappers have lost their lives the same way.

Shootings are becoming common in the States, with shootings occurring daily, whether a hate crime against race, religion or even road rage.

Real Name Of The Brooklyn Rapper

Bando goes by the name Leeky G Bando and is committed to his rapper name, not letting anyone in on his real name secret. Leeky has made a massive name for himself with his smooth flow and catchy lyrics that appease the New York drill rap lovers.

He recently came out with another new song named Free Bizzy part 2, which is doing nicely, but the recent news of the shooting has his fans in disbelief, while some are sick of hearing about rappers in the hood getting shot.

Leeky G Bando's Net Worth

According to Popnable, rapper Leeky G Bando has an estimated $317.8 k based on his music videos, YouTube earnings, and other sponsorships.

The singer has been active in the rap and music industry for over two years, providing great hits like Real Life and Structure City. Bando also has a massive following on his social media; his Instagram has over 64.2 k followers, his Youtube channel has 19.5k followers, and his videos get over 200,000 views.

His new video of his song, Free Bizzy part 2, already has over 105,000 views within two weeks of coming out.

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