Was Proud Boys Leader Gavin Mcinnes Arrested During Livestream?


Gavin Mcinnes rumored to be arrested ( Source : instagram )

Gavin Mcinnes is thought to be arrested. People saw him saying he would get his lawyer during a live stream. 

He is well-known for his far-right political views. Moreover, his notoriety comes from his image as a founder of Proud Boys, an organization labeled as a terrorist group in Canada. However, since 2018, he has disassociated himself from the group. 

What Was Gavin Mcinnes Arrested For?

Gavin Mcinnes has often been criticized for promoting extremist groups and hate speech. In 2018, he was fired from Blaze media for the same reason. He was also banned from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in 2018 for violating the regulations and ad guidelines.

Likewise, his YouTube account was suspended in June 2020 in violation of YouTube's standards on hate speech. Youtube stated that his videos were "glorifying and instigating violence against another individual or group of people."

 His organization, Proud Boys leader, was detained concerning the Jan6 Capitol riot incident. His group has been alleged to have ties with white nationalists, but he denies those claims. 

Nonetheless, recently, Gavin has been rumored to be arrested during a Livestream. He was heard saying he would get a lawyer, but it is unclear if it was a raid or detention. 

There are no updates from his side yet. He left the live stream, which continued for a long time without him showing up. 

Gavin Mcinnes MidLivestream Incident Explained

Gavin Mcinnes had to empty his seat just after a few minutes of starting his live stream. The live streaming continued for more than half-hour, but he was nowhere to be seen. 

He suddenly got off his seat and went away. The last thing he can be heard saying to someone is that they should do this another time, as he was recording the show for now. He also said I would get a lawyer, and we will sit down. 

Earlier this week, he said an unmarked police vehicle was parked in front of his house. He implied that some officers had been watching him for some time now. 

And the recent incident has caused many people to speculate that the FBI has visited his home and whether it is a raid, arrest, or prank. Some also said that he might be swatted. 

Proud Boys Leader Gavin Mcinnes Wikipedia

Gavin Mcinnes is a Canadian author, podcaster, and far-right political pundit. He resides in Larchmont, New York, and holds Canadian and British citizenship. 

He is the son of Scottish parents, James McInnes and Loraine McInnes. His father became the Vice-President of Operations at Gallium Visual Systems Inc., a Canadian defense corporation, and his mother is a retired business teacher, as per his Wikipedia

He was born in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, but when he was four years old, his family moved to Canada and settled in Ottawa, Ontario. He went to Earl of March Secondary School in Ottawa.

He is a former member of the Ottawa punk group Anal Chinook. He received his degree from Carleton College.

Gavin McInnes Quit From Proud Boys In 2018
Gavin McInnes Quit From Proud Boys In 2018 ( Source : theguardian )

Currently, he hosts a podcast, Get Off My Lawn, on the website Censored. TV. He was 24 when he co-founded Vice. He has gained popularity in recent years due to his far-right political activities.

It is also thanks to his position as a co-founder of the Proud Boys, an American far-right neo-fascist group. However, the Southern Poverty Law Center calls them a neo-fascist, male-only organization that advocates for men's rights and has classified them as a hate group.

Mcinnes had sued them earlier for calling his organization a hate group. Nonetheless, he had quit from the organization in 2018. 


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