Was Peter Kalmus From Nasa Arrested? Scientist Past Arrest News Takes Over Social Media


Peter Kalmus protested the bank's financing of fossil fuels. ( Source : Fastcompany )

Peter Kalmus was arrested on April 6 and later released with the group of people after chaining themselves to a JPMorgan Chase building in Los Angeles to protest the bank's financing of fossil fuels.

He advocated civil disobedience following The Guardian's final IPCC Working Group III report in April 2022. Similarly, he said that it's now the eleventh hour, and he feels scared for his kids and humanity. 

The Scientist stated that he would keep fighting hard for this Earth, no situation how worst it gets because it can always get inadequate.

In Addition, he operates in NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a climate scientist. It is a research lab that studies outer space and planet Earth to understand our climate better and fight climate disasters.

Was Peter Kalmus From Nasa Arrested?

Yes, Peter got arrested in April and later released after he was chained to the JPMorgan Chase building in Los Angeles to protest about the bank's financing of fossil fuels.

Furthermore, he got arrested on Wednesday for locking himself to an entry to the JP Morgan Chase property in downtown Los Angeles with colleagues and supporters.

In addition, his action in LA is part of an international campaign organized by a loosely incorporated group of concerned scientists called the Scientist Rebellion, where more than 1,200 scientists in 26 countries had supported by local climate groups.

NASA scientist arrested after chaining himself to Chase Bank as part of global climate protests ( Source : Businessinsider )

On Monday, his day of action got followed by the IPCC Working Group 3 report dealing with the harrowing gap between where society is going and where it needs to move. Likewise, their movement is multiplying.

Scientist Peter Kalmus Arrest News Takes Over Social Media

The scientist arrest news has rapidly followed on social media. However, for a short time, the Scientist got arrested but released.

Moreover, the scientist Peter with the group seeks to dislodge people from the complacency of the status quo, presenting them with the strange image of scientists that are often diplomatic and demure, letting their work speak for itself.

NASA Scientist Peter Kalmus on Civil Disobedience in Climate Action ( Source : Greenmatters )

They were yelling and shouting and risking their physical safety for a planetary danger mounting by the day.

It needed a powerful statement for someone to risk their career, freedom, and life. Peter, a climate scientist, participated in Scientist Rebellion, as told by Global Citizen.

Where Is Peter Kalmus today?

Peter is in a Colonized Hahamog'na land, CA, where he usually resides. 

In addition, the website noflyclimatesci.org got founded by Peter, and he is a leading voice in the #FlyingLess movement. He was driving for the American Geophysical Union to support earth scientists who choose to fly less out of climate concerns, with remote participation options at conferences.

He is the columnist and regular contributor at YES! Magazine, whose writing has also emerged in The Guardian, Eos, The Washington Post, and Grist.

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