Was Maestro Yek Shot To Death? What Happened To Angel Rodriguez?

Maestro Yek Dies At 45 ( Source : Mobile )

  • Rumors about Maestro Yek being shot to death circulated on the internet. 
  • Some sources said he accidentally shot himself with a gun in his head. 
  • He died in one of the hospitals in Miami while receiving treatment. 
  • An official confirmation regarding the death cause is yet to be publicized. 

Maestro Yek is rumored to have been shot to death. While many people are paying tribute to him, official information about his cause of death is yet to be released. 

He is also named Angel Rodriguez, a prominent rapper of the Spanish Hip-Hop movement in Latin America. 

Was Maestro Yek Shot To Death?

Maestro Yek was an award-winning producer and a legendary bilingual Spanish/English rapper. Unfortunately, he tragically passed away on August 12, 2022. 

According to some sources on the internet, he had an accident with a gun. While handling a gun, he unintentionally shot himself in the head. He was taken to the hsopital in Miami, Florida, the United States, where he passed away a few hours later.

The doctors could not save him, and he left the world. Fans are mourning his loss on social media. Likewise, they have been sending condolences to his friends and family. 

His close friends confirmed his death, but they have not provided any statement regarding the cause of his death. Thus, it is still unconfirmed is he died of a gunshot or if there was some other reason behind his demise. 

Is Maestro Yek Real Name Angel Rodriguez?

Maestro Yek's real name is Angel Rodriguez. His profile on IMDB mentioned his birth name. He was born in 1977 on an island of Puerto Rico.

One of his best-known productions to this day is Tego Calderon's "El Abayarde." It was first released in 2002 through White Lion Records and sold over 1 million copies in its first week.

Maestro Yek Was A Rapper And An Actor ( Source : Instagram )

The "Talento de Barrio" actor has collaborated and featured with many known rappers from Puerto Rico and the United States during his career. He had worked with KRS-1, Calle 13, Julio Voltio, Mexicano 777, MC Ceja, and more. 

He was the epitome of talents from music to acting; he had gained success in all of them. In 2018, Netflix produced a biographical series named "El Ganador," based on the life of Nicky Jam, a well-known urban music reggaeton musician. In the series, Yek played the role of Mickey, Nicky Jam's uncle. 

What Happened To Maestro Yek?

Maestro Yek passed away at a young age. His friends, family, and fans are currently saddened and heartbroken hearing the news. 

Tributes pour in for him on the internet. His passing is a great loss for the music industry. He will forever be remembered. 


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