Was Giovanni Tiktok Arrested On Sexual Assault? Where Is Giovanni Quintella Today?


Brazilian hospital reports that an anesthetist sexually assaulted a pregnant woman while she was sedated and having a caesarean section ( Source : Dailymail )

Dr. Giovanni Quintella, arrested earlier that day in July, sexually assaulted a pregnant woman who was merely undergoing a cesarean section. Online customers are furious with him because they want justice to be served.

People on Twitter tend to be offended when Dr. Giovanni Quintella's scary movie was made popular online. If responsibly identified, he may be threatened with a personal attack and given an 8–10 year sentence.

Every social media wants to know whether he has been arrested or not, where Giovanni is today, and the assault case in detail.

Was Dr. Giovanni Tiktok Arrested On Sexual Assault?

Supposed victim Giovanni Bezerra, 32, is under the influence at the Hospital da Mulher in Brazil and was arrested on suspicion of assault. An anesthetist accused of sexually assaulting a pregnant patient during a C-section may have also attacked two other moms that day.

After drugging the girl and inserting their male components behind her lips, he covertly taped the procedure at the hospital do Mulher in Joo de Meriti, Rio de Janeiro.

The victim's husband was told to leave the room without being permitted to see his newborn kid; he didn't find out what had happened to her until the doctor was arrested and he saw him on television.

The pregnant woman who became the victim told her family that she believed she had overdosed on everything.

Mr. Bezerra completed his anesthetic medical training just two months ago. They watched in horror as he sexually attacked the woman as other doctors delivered her via C-section less than a yard away, behind a surgical drape.

He reportedly attacked her for ten minutes or so.

Employees at the hospital reportedly installed a covert digital camera to watch over him because they were concerned about the drug dosages he was probably giving their patients.

Additionally, according to documents, he underwent two appropriate procedures the day before the camera captured the incident. Authorities responded similarly when another two women had a similar circumstance.

Most C-sections do not seem however, the women who had surgery earlier in the day reported being entirely unconscious during the procedure.

Two more people who identified themselves as Bezerra's patients have appeared at the Brazilian police station since the allegations were made public.

Giovanni began making gentle, back-and-forth movements while still facing the patient's neck and head, according to the witness, as reported by G1 Rio de Janeiro.

According to the witness, based on movement and the way his arm was curved, it looked as though he was supporting the patient's head toward his pelvic region.

Where Is Giovanni Quintella Today?

The Health Foundation for the State of Rio de Janeiro and the Secretary of State for Health made the following announcements that they would tell after results come from an internal inquiry to take administrative measures.

The victim's family receives complete assistance from the Hospital da Mulher team. It states that the behavior is illegal and must be punished by the law.

The police commended the hospital staff for reporting the event right away. Tuesday saw the custody hearing for the doctor. He had earlier been transferred to the penitentiary in Benfica.

In Brazil, Dr. Giovanni is accused and could receive a sentence of 8 to 15 years in prison.

Giovanni aka Gio tiktok videos

After the accusations against Dr. Giovanni, he went viral on TikTok, too, and his previous videos are collecting millions of views.

Most of the TikTok users are uploading his assault video and demand the victim's justice.

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