Was Coach Mike Hickmon Shot To Death? What We Know About The Shooting Apparently Involving Aqib Talib and His Brother Yaqub Talib

Coach Mike Hickmon ( Source : Mixedarticle )

Coach Mike Hickmon fell victim to a haphazard shooting during a youth football in Lancaster this Saturday. The major suspect in this is an NFL player, Aqib Talib's brother Yaqub Talib.

Hickmon is the South East Dallas Wolverines, football coach.

Was Coach Mike Hickmon Shot To Death?

Yes, coach Mike Hickmon got shot and killed in front of 9-year-olds at a youth football scrimmage. On their way out of the scene, firefighters from the local fire department conducted CPR. Despite numerous instances of adults acting inappropriately at official youth sports contests, there is strict security to monitor and prevent any violence. However, the harshness always wins in these casual games.

The most unfortunate incident took place on 11th August when a little kid witnessed his father's death. It is extremely sad that now he will be living without a father for the rest of his life, having the horror pictured in his head forever. This news has shaken the entire Internet world, and people are now questioning the direction our society is heading. 

Texas Football Life tweeted, "We send our deepest thoughts and prayers to the family, friends, former teammates, and players of Coach Mike Hickmon after learning about the appalling tragedy that took place earlier this evening in Lancaster." 

He was a great husband and father but, most importantly, a good human being. Everyone mourning his demise is talking about it in their posts and tweets. Not only people who knew him personally but the entire football community found this to be one of the darkest days. 

Further, Kendrick Perkins tweets, "This was a Coach for a youth football team in Dallas, Texas. I don’t know this Coach, and I’ve never met him a day in my life… but I do know that he didn’t deserve to have his life taken in front of his 9-year-old son over no damn little football. RIP Coach Mike" 

Aqib Talib Shooting and Brother Yaqub Talib Arrest For Mike Hickmon Shooting

Mike Hickmon was killed during a shooting at a game amongst 9-year-olds. Yaqub Talib, the brother of Aqib Talib, an NFL player, is reportedly implicated. Everyone is talking about the news that is presently dominating the Internet.

The viewers are disturbed by the possibility that Aqib Talib and his brother killed a coach during a youth football game. A segment of the altercation and the aftermath of the shooting are shown in a video that has been going viral online.

However, many sites are claiming that Aqib is the alleged shooter and not his brother. Several Twitterattis are condemning the news. It takes no time for false information to do the rounds. This is exactly what is happening now.

Nevertheless, Talib was formerly involved in a shooting case. Broncos cornerback is visible in images and video taken by WFAA-TV in Dallas on the morning of June 5, 2016, when he was shot. In the video and pictures, Talib can be seen driving a white Rolls-Royce into Medical City Center before getting out and resting in a hospital bed with his right hamstring and calf taped.

The footage also reveals the Rolls-bloodied Royce's inside and what the cops claim to be marijuana.


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