Was Blake Shelton In A Motorcycle Accident? Fans Wonder About Claims Of Possible Injuries Of The Singer

Blake Shelton ( Source : Tasteofcountry )

Blake Shelton's motorbike accident is taking over the limelight from his almost released music video 'No Body.' We assure you the singer's doing fine, and there is a catch to this baseless rumor. 

He is a telegenic vocalist of country music from the United States. He made his breakthrough in 2001 with the song "Austin." His self-titled debut album's lead track, "Austin," spent five weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart

Was Blake Shelton In A Motorcycle Accident?

Are you also the one who got tricked by Blake Shelton’s name getting linked to a motorcycle accident? Well, the story is completely different. Fortunately, our star musician has not undergone any kind of catastrophe this year as it is being speculated. 

So how is everyone talking about it? The thing is, in the year 2016, he went on to surprise one of his biggest fans who missed his concert due to the unfortunate bike accident he got into. He was prepared to go to that particular show with his girlfriend, but fate had different plans. The man put this heartbreaking story on his Instagram, and luckily, the ‘Nobody’ singer happened to read it. 

Blake made a heartwarming video for him, wishing for his speedy recovery, and was willing to give. A ticket to his any show anywhere in the days to come. 

Now, the social media boom created confusion. Where netizens wanted to get an update on what happened to the injured and his current health status, things got modified, and people started believing that Shelton got into an accident which is completely false. 

Hence, the musician has not gotten into any kind of road crash. It is only a result of the misuse of social media and the Internet. 

Blake Shelton health In 2022

Blake is completely fine in 2022. Although he had health issues in the past due to his ignorant lifestyle during covid, now the singer has recovered. 

The 44-year-old country music performer underwent a remarkable weight drop, but not for good reasons. After some fans expressed concern over his appearance during a virtual concert, Shelton admitted to his audience that he had a rather serious health scare.

Shelton revealed during a Zoom interview that he had started out in confinement with terrible behaviors, including binge eating, overeating, and excessive drinking. He put on a lot of weight as a result of his habits, especially considering that the pandemic prevented him from touring or working at the time.

He also went through a mini heart attack while performing some household chores. Looking at it now, it was pretty bad for the Television personality back then. 

Shelton, fortunately, was able to recover well from his health scare and is now in better shape than he was before the mild heart attack. His story serves as a terrific example for everyone whose health routines have deteriorated as a result of the pandemic.


Blake Shelton Is Back With A New Music Video, 'No Body' 

It's almost the premiere time for Blake's 'No Body,' and fans cannot wait for it to get released. He has put out a waiting video for his die-hard followers, and the chat has already begun there. 

One of the YouTube comments says, "I’m so excited for this new song and mv. It’s going to be awesome." 

Shelton posted the single's cover image to his social media accounts in keeping with the retro theme. He is dressed in a black cowboy hat and his distinctive early-era blond mullet in this 1990s country shot.

The song "No Body" and a music video, which were both shot in a pub in the Los Angeles region, are scheduled to be released on Friday, August 19. According to a press release, the clip will also feature '90s line dancing and Shelton's mullet.


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