Was BBG Tyler Arrested For The Murder Of Jaydayoungan? Could He Be The Shooting Suspect?


Jaydayoungan was a young rapper ( Source : Newstimes )

  • Rapper JayDaYoungan and his father from Louisiana were ambushed and shot on July 27. 
  • He was shot eight times and died of his injuries at the hospital on July 28. 
  • His father, Kenyatta Scott Sr., remains at the hospital and is in stable condition. 
  • The police are still investigating the incident and think it was a part of a more significant violent problem. 
  • Some rumors claim BBG Tyler''s involvement in the incident. 

In late July 2022, news about rapper Jaydayoungan being shot and killed emerged online. Fans quickly paid tribute to him and asked for justice for the young artist. 

The police have investigated the case, but no leads have been found. However, some online sources have claimed that there is a possible involvement of BBG Tyler in the case. 

Was BBG Tyler Arrested For The Murder Of Jaydayoungan?

The father of Jaydayoungan, Kenyatta Scott Sr., has spoken about what had happened on the day of the incident. As per him, they were relaxing in the front yard of their Louisiana house when a black truck pulled up, and three armed men got out.

Two more people approached Scott and JayDaYoungan from the side of their home, and the group of guys opened fire as they tried to flee inside for safety. While his son was hit at least eight times, Scott said he was shot twice in the arm, as per Complex.

Scott further said that he does not think that his son knew the shooters and that it was gang-related. His son died of his injuries, whereas he is currently in stable condition. 

Bogalusa Police Department Confirmed Jaydayoungan's Death ( Source : Twitter )

Fans have been furious ever since their favorite artist passed away tragically. Although the officers are investigating the case, some people have made speculations related to the incident. 

Recently, there have been rumors that BBG Tyler had been arrested for the murder of Jaydayoungan.

But, the official news sources have not yet confirmed these words surrounding the internet. Some Youtube channel has uploaded a video claiming several things, such as witnessing Tyler being taken away by the police from his home. 

Jaydayoungan Shooting Suspect Details- Is It BBG Tyler?

Some fans of Jaydayoungan said that BBG Tyler is a shooting suspect. However, the investigating officers have not released any news about the person of interest. 

Moreover, the victim's father, who was also shot twice during the gun violence, said five men ambushed them. In addition, Bogalusa Police Chief Kendall Bullen informed about a second shooting that occurred shortly after the first.

An SUV was shot up near the junction of Marshall Richardson and Ott Roads. Several rounds were fired at Ray McGowan's house during the incident, reports WWLTV.com

Again, a third incident happened later on Wednesday night close to Our Lady of the Angel's Hospitals. According to Bullen, all three shootings were related and are a part of a bigger violent issue.

They have identified the suspects in the second and third incidents, but they are still searching for evidence to find the shooter in the first shooting that killed the artist. 

Is BBG Tyler In Jail?

It is yet to be confirmed whether BBG Tyler is in jail. However, some videos on Youtube said that he was taken away by the police.

They said it could be for questioning, but the Bogalusa Police department has confirmed nothing related to the case. 

(The story is developing.) 

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