Troy Landry: Why Was The Swamp People Cast Arrested? Details To Know About Him

The Swamp King is Troy Landry, who holds this title. ( Source : Twitter )

American reality television star Troy Landry, also known by his stage moniker King of the Swamp, makes an appearance as an alligator hunter in the History Channel program Swamp People.

One of the most well-liked entertainment genres worldwide is reality television, although many of these programs have sinister undertones.

While horrible things can occur both on and off camera, the cast of Swamp People has a lengthy history of legal troubles. To be fair, though, Swamp People on The History Channel has a far larger cast than other reality series, largely due to the show's frequent cast changes.

Because of this, many of these crimes involve former cast members, but some current cast members also have a criminal record. Here is a list of the various crimes for which the Swamp People cast has been detained and accused.

What Happened To Troy Landry?

Troy Landry has appeared in 166 Swamp People episodes over the course of nine years. Since the show's debut on the History Channel, Landry has gained notoriety and wealth thanks to it.

One of the most renowned and fearless alligator hunters in the bayou is Troy Landry. It's not surprising that Troy Landry is an expert alligator hunter because his father is a fisherman and seafood distributor.

The history of Swamp king Troy Landry was published on History Channel. ( Source : History )

It's even reasonable to say that Troy was born with a passion for gator hunting. Swamp People covers the lives of its cast as they go about their everyday business, similar to typical reality television.

But unlike most reality shows, the Swamp People cast actually makes a career off of hunting alligators, and that's what makes the program so popular. Alligator hunting serves as the show's unifying theme despite the fact that it also focuses on other topics.

Why Was Troy Landry Arrested?

According to the report, Troy Landry is not the only person whose shoes and profession have been declared unlawful, and the cast of the program Swamp People, which includes Troy Landry, has been surrounded by arrests.

As a result, the cast of the show isn't always constant. Only a small percentage of viewers have stuck with the show across all 11 seasons.

The marsh has been invaded by alligators! "Punch 'em!" Troy Landry ( Source : Twitter )

The majority of the cast will depart the show after a season or two, creating a huge cast list that is larger than the cast of the majority of reality series.

It is natural that some former cast members may have a criminal history when there is such a large group. Here is a list of the numerous crimes that the Swamp People cast has either done or, at the very least, been accused of.

Troy Landry Wikipedia Bio & Age

As of 2022, Troy Landry will be 62 years old. He was born in Louisiana, in the United States, on June 9, 1960. He is a Gemini by birth sign, and each year on June 9th, he celebrates his birthday.

At this year's Hazzard Fest, you can meet Troy Landry and Bruce Mitchell from the popular television program Swamp People. ( Source : Twitter )

Troy Landry, who is the fifth generation to own an alligator hunting business, is the son of Duffy and Myrtle Landry. Along with his brothers Bubba and Guy, he grew up in a family of crocodile hunters, shrimpers, trappers, lumberjacks, and moss sellers.

Troy learned to hunt at a young age, so carrying on the family business seemed only natural. His parent is the ideal illustration for everyone who has been a couple for a long time.

Troy Landry's parents occasionally made an appearance on his well-known show as well.


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