Toni Laudermick, Roger Mosley Wife and Daughter - Family Mourns The Passing Of Magnum PI Actor


Roger Mosley ( Source : The-Sun )

On August 7, 2022, actor Roger E. Mosley, best remembered for his part in the CBS television series Magnum, P.I., passed away "peacefully."

He was best known for playing helicopter pilot Theodore "TC" Calvin in the CBS television series Magnum, P.I. He was also a director, writer, and actor.

The 83-year-old actor was on the program for 8 years, appearing in 158 episodes in total.

Meet Toni Laudermick - Roger Mosley Wife

Actor Roser Mosley from the Magnum P.I. series has been married to Toni Laudermick since 1976. The long-married pair routinely posts photos of their priceless family moments on social media.

Toni posted a photo of herself and her husband from their earlier years on social media as she reflected on their time spent together. The two were enjoying a stunning sunset by the ocean and looked just stunning in each other's presence.

The question of whether Roger was wed to Toni has caused some uncertainty among his followers, though. However, Toni's'married' relationship status on Facebook should put things straight.

Toni was employed by an online newspaper as a columnist for arts and entertainment. She has recently discovered a passion for photography in addition to writing, as she noted in a recent Facebook post.

Roger's marriage to Toni is not, however, his first. Before moving on with Toni, he had already been married once for a short period of time.

Prior to Sandra Locke, the actor had exchanged vows with her in 1960. The two soon got divorced. However, because Roger has been quiet about his past relationship, details of their breakup are still unknown.

Sandra does not share Roger's affiliation with the entertainment world, which has enabled her to maintain a low profile after severing connections with the Hollywood star.

Roger Mosley Has A Daughter - His Three Children

Only a few specifics about Roger's past and present relationships are known because he is highly private about his love life. After courting Saundra Locke for almost a year, he wed her on July 16, 1960. She is not a famous person, and little is known about her personal life. During the first several years of their marriage, Saundra gave birth to their two children, but she and Roger finally got divorced without giving a specific date.

Roger started living with his girlfriend Toni Laudermick in 1976, and the two have been together without exchanging vows ever since. They share a daughter. The couple's stunning daughter, Ch-a Mosley, who works as the chief operations officer at Work Up! Energy Shot, was born during their four years of marriage. Additionally, based on her Facebook activity, it appears that she is not married.


Did He Die Of An Illness? Roger Mosley Cancer

TMZ reports the demise of the actor but is unable to give out the cause of his death. There are rumors about his cancer but nothing can be confirmed as of now. 

Tina Andrews paid tribute to the late actor with a tweet, "Sad day. My friend Roger E. Mosley, 83, who played “TC” on Magnum P.I., has transitioned. He was surrounded by his family after suffering from a car crash this weekend. What a sweet man, and a fine actor who gave great parties. RIP, Roger. You were loved and shall be missed."


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