The Internet Believes Rosalia's Rumored Beau Rauw Alejandro Is Closeted, But The Claims Have No Basis


Rauw Alejandro is not Gay ( Source : Gq )

Rauw Alejandro, a singer, and rapper is now in the limelight after he opened up about his sexuality.

The famed rapper debuted through his album Afrodsiaco. He is regarded as the King of Contemporary Reggaeton and the reggaeton of the future. 
In 2020, he started his career as a singer and rapper and released his first album, Afrodisaco.

He is a rising star from Puerto Rico who received four nominations for the prestigious Latin Grammy Awards and one triumph.

Name Rauw Alejandro
Birthdate January 10, 1993
Age 29
ProfessionSinger, Rapper
Nationality Puerto Rican
Latin Grammy Awards1 from 4 Nominations
Net Worth$15 million

 Is Rauw Alejandro Gay? 

The show-off greatly influences people today on social media. If any boy is wearing make-up, then start calling him girly. They judge from the attire of a person. 

Internet is haunting singer Rauw with his being gay rumors, but he is not gay. Instead, the famous rapper Alejandro is straight and has been dating the famous Spanish singer Rosalia since 2020. 

The reports of the rumors are untrue, yet the singer has occasionally reacted to them. He was wearing pink, so many people might have assumed he was gay, although this is simply speculation based on appearances.

He's been silent about any LGBTQ speculations. Soccer was Rauw's primary hobby; he had little interest in music. Between the ages of six and twenty, he played soccer.

At age 20, the singer sustained an injury that prevented him from playing soccer well, which led him to give up the sport.

Moving to Orlando to be scouted to play in the Premier Development League was his attempt to pursue his aspiration of playing soccer, but he was unsuccessful.

After quitting football, Rauw subsequently had mild despair, so he turned to music to lift his spirits. He began singing and rapping as a result.

Rosalia's Beau and His Sexuality And Gender

All the speculations about Rauw Alejandro being gay are untrue; he is a heterosexual male. The public has openly informed about the singer's gender and sexual orientation. 

There was a list of Latin Artists last year revealing their sexuality, and people are now equally curious about the sexuality of Latin artists in the coming years. 

Rosalia, a well-known Spanish singer, and songwriter is dating Rauw Alejandro. Near Rosalia's 28th birthday in September 2021, the couple made their romance through TikTok official.

In cosy posts, Rosala and Rauw Alejandro appear to confirm their relationship
In cosy posts, Rosala and Rauw Alejandro appear to confirm their relationship ( Source : Etonline )

The couple could be seen in a Tiktok video making a heart-shaped gesture with their arms. Their relationship status was established publicly when they posted previously unseen photographs on Instagram.

Since the couple's acceptance, they saw each other spending time in public, and they were also on vacation in Greece. 

Nextly, the musician couple was spotted on the island of Santorini, where they were caught eating frozen yogurt, riding bikes, and holding each other's arms. 

The stage caught fire when Rosalia posted a blurry photo of a diamond ring on her ring finger. People speculate their engagement exploding Twitter with relevant comments. 

Rauw Alejandro: Career And Endorsements

In 2014, the artist debuted tracks on SoundCloud before releasing his debut album. In 2016, he also made a mixtape called Punto de Equilibrio.

After his songs gained popularity, he agreed to a recording contract with Duars Entertainment in 2017. Similarly, he participated in the Sony Music Latin project Los Próximos in 2018, which gave him good exposure.

In 2018, Alejandro worked with Kevin Roldán, Khea, and Ozuna on Pa' Tu Casa and with Ozuna, Lunary, and Lyano on Luz Apaga. Today, his debut single with Alex Rose debuted in 2017 and peaked at number 29 in November 2018 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs rankings.

Numerous honors have been bestowed upon Alejandro. His applause includes an MTV Millennial Award, a Latin Grammy Award, and a Latin American Music Award. Additionally, he has received a Grammy Award nomination.

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