Tammie Frank Files For Divorce With Husband Jason David Frank Claiming Affair Rumors

Jason David and Tammie Frank have one daughter together; Jenna. ( Source : instagram )

The mixed martial artist couple, Tammie Frank and Jason David Frank are on the verge of getting divorced. The media reports say that the wife has filed for divorce from her husband in court. 

American actor Jason David Frank is best known for playing Tommy Oliver in the Power Rangers series. The 48-year-old has yet to give a statement on this, whereas his wife has put out hers on her social media.

Tammie Frank Files For Divorce With Husband Jason David Frank

Tammie Frank is soon turning into Jason David Frank's ex-wife. TMZ has recently reported the trouble the couple has been going through for quite some time now. They were not even living together as a result of the problems their marriage was facing. 

The last Instagram that had Jason was posted by Tammie in October of 2021. She had her dog in the frame, and it was a birthday post for him. Harley was one year old then, and the Power Ranger's actor had his thumb up. 

Similarly, on the other hand, Jason has deleted all the pictures he had with his wife on his Instagram account.

It is unknown if Tammie purposely did not remove those pictures or if she will do it in the future. However, she has already announced her split from her husband, and the official news about the legal proceedings between them has been out. 

Tammie writes, "God is saying to you today, your help is in me, not in men. I'm doing a new thing in your life; it shall spring forth for all to see." Further, she added hashtags 'new beginnings; and 'head held high.'

TMZ reports that Tammie Frank alleged Jason had an extramarital affair, and she saw this as one of the factors leading to their divorce.

Tammie Frank Turning Jason David's Ex-Wife Alleging Him of Affair

Back in 2020, there was a random Tweet that said, "Tammie, your husband Jason David Frank has Amy Johnson's Facebook page on his Twitter page you needs to check his Twitter he might be tweeting her he is a cheater he is cheating on you with her she has no respect for you and your own husband has no respect for you."

This one actually has no basis of authenticity, but now, it seems like it was true. Tammie has alleged her husband of cheating on her and the main reason she showed for filing the divorce. 

The discord and tension in their marriage, according to Jason's estranged wife, made it unworkable. She also claims she can no longer live with Jason due to his brutal treatment of her. She has listed July 1 as the date of separation as per the legal document obtained by TMZ. 

David Jason And Tammie Frank got married in 2003
David Jason And Tammie Frank got married in 2003 ( Source : tmz )

Frank claims to be a Christian and says that following the passing of his brother Erik, he and Tammie started going to church.

In addition, he helped form the mixed martial arts organization "Jesus Didn't Tap," which is centered on Christianity. The phrase is inked on Frank's left forearm. He had two sons, Hunter and Jacob, and a daughter, Skye, with his first wife, Shawna, whom he wed in 1994. In 2001, they got divorced.

Tammie was his second wife, a martial artist herself. They got married in 2003, and the pair has one daughter, Jenna. Frank has German, Irish, Polish, and Greek ancestry.


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