Seam Line Tattoo Meaning Explained - How To Get Them and How Are They Significant?


Seam Line Tattoo on hands outlining the fingers ( Source : Tattoodo )

Seam line tattoos appeared in early 2016 when minimalist designs were rising in fame, and now they have once again made their comeback through social media.

Long straight black lines on the body usually identify as tribal tattoos, but the minimalistic lines of seam line tattoos have their beauty in how they look.

Let us learn more about seam line tattoos, their meaning, their significance, and the designs you can opt for if you get one.

Seam Line Tattoo Meaning Explained

Many people are confused about the meaning behind seam line tattoos and the long black lines running through the body claiming to be a tattoo—especially people who are used to seeing big flashy tattoos all the time.

A seam line tattoo is a minimalistic turn-on tattoo that runs through someone’s natural body outline; they can be their arms, neck, or even ears.

These long lines are often confused with tribal tattoos, which usually consist of lines and bands, and each symbol has its meaning, like the tribal band tattoos that signify the loss of a loved one.

Unlike similar Tribal tattoos, seam line tattoos are mostly just a single line that accentuates the body’s outline and is a pure form of minimalist art.

How To Get Them And How Are They Significant?

Many tattoo artists love to do minimalist tattoo designs, and they all have unique styles and preferences.

Minimalism art and design was a huge thing back in the late 2010s, and there are still people who love minimalist art and tattoo design that are not too loud and in the face.

Most seam line tattoos are a single line that extends from one point of your body to another, following the outline of the body that is not visible to your eyes.

Shoulder down seam line tattoo
Shoulder down seam line tattoo ( Source : Tattoodo )

So, the artist outlines your body parts, and the small things in life that people enjoy make this type of tattoo significant and desirable.

Despite the tattoo looking simple and easy, minimalism is one of the most complex art styles since the artist creating the tattoo will need a lot of experience and steady hands to make the seam line consistent and clean.

Seam Line Tattoo Designs

Although seam line tattoos sound like just a straight line on your body, there are many designs based on which part of the body the client wants the tattoo.

Most people love to ink a straight line that runs through their whole arm from their shoulders to their wrists, while some love to outline their spine showing the beautiful curve of the human spine.

Seam line tattoo under the jawline
Seam line tattoo under the jawline ( Source : Tattoodo )

Others love to accentuate their jawline by drawing a seam line tattoo under their jawline, which looks like a glowing outline of a cyborg. All these designs are great but what it comes down to while getting a seam line tattoo is what the client wants.

Minimalist tattoos like seamline art are taking over the internet, and most people who are into modern art are great fans of tattoos like this since they are not too loud and have meaning on each canvas.

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