Scott Bevan ABC News: Facts You Did Not Know About The Australian Journalist

Scott Bevan Left His News Reporter Job At ABC News To Restart Music Career ( Source : instagram )

Scott Bevan is an Australian television and radio presenter, journalist, and biographer who grew up near Merewether in Newcastle. He is an Australian by nationality and has a passion for music and singing.

Scott had one of the most prestigious gigs in journalism as a senior reporter and presenter for ABC News and ABC News 24. However, he left his journalism career to pursue his passion for music and singing.

ABC News Journalist Scott Bevan Biography Age And CAreer

Scott Bevan was born in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, on 1964. He spent most of his childhood under the guardianship of his parents near Merewether in Newcastle.

Having a passion for journalism from a young age, Scott joined The Newcastle Herald as a cadet journalist in 1984. As a junior news reporter at The Newcastle Herald, he mainly covered local news. The Newcastle Herald is the only local newspaper that serves the greater Hunter Region and Central Coast region.

Later he left The Newcastle Herald to work as a news presenter at the local commercial radio station. At 25, after returning from Japan, he joined the Nine Network as a news reporter. During his work for Nine News, he spent most of his time in Perth.

Scott Bevan was once also a part of Newcastle Herald team
Scott Bevan was once also a part of Newcastle Herald team ( Source : newcastleherald )

Bevan joined the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 2005, where he initially worked as a reporter for the 7.30 Report. He also worked as a presenter on ABC Local Radio.

Impressed by his reporting and journalism skills, ABC posted him to Moscow as a correspondent for ABC Television. Scott was 44 years old when he was assigned to Moscow.

After working for two years as a correspondent reporter in Moscow, he returned to Australia in 2010 to become a presenter on ABC News 24. In 2014, he published a biography of Australian artist Sir William Dobell.

In January 2016, Bevan resigned from ABC, leaving behind his journalism career to restart a music career.

Scott Bevan Is Married To Jo Bevan

According to the Wikipedia page, Scott Bevan is a married man, and his spouse's name is Jo Bevan. However, the news reporter has yet to reveal details about his life partner. Nevertheless, he seems to enjoy his early 60s with his wife and family.

The Australian artist shares his life with his life partner Jo. The pair gave birth to twin boys, Thomas and William. According to an article on, Scott and Jo went to a U2 concert at Sydney's Olympic stadium in November 2006, when the twins were still in their mother's womb.

Analyzing the above information, Scott's twin sons, Thomas and William, were born in 2007 and are teenagers living with the family in their home in Sydney.

Scott Bevan's Salary And Net Worth

Scott Bevan had a successful career as a journalist. During his career as a news reporter, he earned a modest salary and bonuses, which allowed him to retire early.

Scott's estimated net worth ranges from $1 million - $5 million, most of which comes from his early career as a news reporter and book writer. He has published a total of 6 books which are sold worldwide.

The average estimated salary of a news reporter at ABC News is $68,000 annually. However, Scott was a senior reporter at ABC News, so his annual pay might have been slightly higher than the average base pay. Therefore, we can assume that Scott earned around $70,000 to $90,000 per annum as a news reporter at ABC News.


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