Sam Shelton and Ashley Reeves Wedding Plans Before He Attempted To Kill His Fiance

Sam Shelton and Ashley Reeve ( Source : Vizaca )

Sam Shelton attempted to strangle a teenage girl and left her for dead, but afterward said he had just made a mistake. But a jury didn't take him seriously. The two were on the verge of getting married.

In the recent Lifetime film "Left For Dead," Ashley Reeves, 17, who was attacked by Shelton, 26, in April 2006, is portrayed as a real-life incident. More than 30 hours after Shelton attempted to strangle Reeves with a belt and cracked her neck with his forearm, she was discovered in a heavily wooded park, according to a story from CBS News at the time. She was paralyzed and covered in mosquito bites when detectives found her.

Sam Shelton and Ashley Reeves's Wedding Plans

Sam Shelton and Ashley Reeves were planning their wedding, which shocked everyone around them, considering their age gap. Unfortunately, this could never be possible in real life as the latter got disappeared. 

Reportedly, Shelton made an attempt to kill Ashley Reeves in 2006. She spent 30 hours in the freezing conditions, but she was still able to endure the murderous attempt.

The woman was being seduced and led into a sexual commitment by Shelton, the female center college lecturer. She finally found him at the moment of the attack and told him she needed to end their unhealthy engagement.

Shelton, though, was unwilling to let go. During their specific argument, considering that they were all arguing in the car, he grabbed Reeves and put her in a chokehold before taking her outdoors. She struggled for a while before ultimately giving up.

Before it eventually broke, he choked the woman once more, assuming she had given up. Then he left the woman to perish in the insane. She had suffered horrific wounds and spent 30 hours alone in the woods.

The police thought the woman had run away, but when they located her, they transported her to the hospital even though she had moved.

Where Is Sam Shelton Now?

Sam Shelton was sentenced to life in prison for 20 years. He had initially been imprisoned as a young suspect, but as the detectives realized he was the most reliable source to speak with Reeves, they released him.

He changed their story numerous times before giving up after being asked to wait for 12 hours. He eventually acknowledged making a reference to Ashley and verbally insulting the woman.

Despite forgetting the precise location, he guided the police officers to the location where he had left the woman. Fortunately, officers located the woman and transported her to a hospital. Reeves had been discovered following their capture.

He was given permission to post bail and placed under home arrest for a year in order to make arrangements for the test. Sam tried to end his life just once throughout the entire year. He agreed to a plea bargain in 2007.


Was Sam Shelton A Teacher?

Yes, Sam Shelton was a teacher. When Ashley was in the seventh grade, Sam, who was also a professional wrestler and a gym trainer, used to educate her. According to insiders, the two got back in touch in February 2006, two months after she vanished.


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