Said Chino Wikipedia Bio And Age - How Old Is He? Ethnicity Details Of The Boxer


Said Chino is a Tanzanian professional boxer ( Source : instagram )

Said Chino's Wikipedia bio is yet to be available. But he is popularly known as a professional boxer from Tanzania. 

He will be facing off Steven Bagwasi in Scud Fight Night Boxing. His fans have been cheering for him, and he has also expressed his excitement about the fight. The match will take place on August 26, 2022.

Who Is Said Chino? Details About His Wikipedia Bio

Said Chino is a Tanzanian professional boxer. However, his profile is yet to be featured on Wikipedia. 

The boxer was once denied the title of WBO Global Super Bantamweight Championbecuase he failed to make the weight. At that time, news sources reported that even if he defeated the champion Philipus "Energy" Nghitumbwa at Helao Nafidi, he would not be able to claim the title. 

Nghitumbwa weighed 54.80 kg, but Chino was tipped at 57.50kg, which was far more than the allowed 55.34kg. Thus, even if Chino had won the match, the belt would not be his, and the title will go unclaimed.

Philipus ‘Energy’ Nghitumbwa defeated Said Chino and claimed WBO Global Super Bantamweight Champion title
Philipus ‘Energy’ Nghitumbwa defeated Said Chino and claimed WBO Global Super Bantamweight Champion title ( Source : facebook )

Nonetheless, Janie van Wyk of the Nambia Boxing Control Board had said that he would receive a rating. But, in the end, Philipus knocked him out within 2 minutes and 6 seconds of the first round and claimed the title in March 2022.

He is a prominent boxer who has participated in 30 fights in which he has claimed 19 victories, nine losses, and two draws. His records will change as he participates in Scud Fight Night Boxing. His fans wish for his victory. 

What Is Said Chino Ethnicity?

Said Chino's real name is Said Mohamed Hassan. Thus, he is a Muslim. While his surname is said to be of Arabic origin, he is a Tanzanian. 

But, long ago, there were many Arabs that visited the country due to trade. Thus, the nation has some Arabic influences, which is why many people in the past are said to have embraced the Muslim religion and surnames at that time while carrying the heritage till now.

Thus, since Chino was born and raised in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania, he follows the Tanzanian ethnicity. 

Said Chino Age Is 25- Meet Him On Instagram

Said Chino is said to be at the age of 25 at present. However, there are no details about his birth date for now.


Moreover, he is an active user on Instagram. His name is mentioned as Saidi, and his bio on the platform provides information about his career background. He fights in the featherweight division. 


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