Ronald Evans Wikipedia, UK's Longest Serving Prisoner Gets Airtime With ITV's 'Decoy'


Evans in custody ( Source : Bristolpost )

 ITV program explained the background of the infamous "Clifton Rapist," AKA Ronald Evans, who had police officers pose as drag queens and set a honeytrap to catch him. Here is everything about him!

Ronald Evans was a murderer and serial rapist known as "The Clifton Rapist." He has also served prison time, the longest in the UK. Ronald preyed on women between 18 and 33 in the 1970s, and the incidents around Clifton and Durdham Downs were documented.

The horrible sex attacker who stalked the Bristol Downs in search of victims terrorized women in Bristol. In 1977, the terror campaign first got underway. The Avon and Somerset Police despatched undercover agents to capture Evans in a secret operation in the late 1970s, according to the ITV documentary Decoy.

The video also examines the nuances of the UK's frightening statistics about women's safety and the parole system. For example, the percentage of rape convictions in 1980 was 34%.

Ronald Evans Wikipedia: The UK's Longest Serving Prisoner

In the 1970s, Ronald Evans committed many acts of murder and rape against women in Clifton and Durdham Downs.

Also, despite being a serial rapist and the longest-serving prisoner in the UK, Ronal Evans's biography has not yet been included on Wikipedia's official website. Only a few trustworthy outlets, like ITV and Bristol Live, have learned some information about the Clifton Rapist. Evans was sentenced to 52 years in 1979, and an ITV News program might show that he had already been freed.

The 'Yorkshire Ripper' killings eclipsed Evans' crimes throughout the 1970s, but they nonetheless caused anxiety in Bristol about a guy preying on women walking alone in the Clifton, Redland, and Westbury Park regions and sexually abusing them.

The 'Clifton Rapist' AKA Ronald Evans – Britain’s longest-serving prisoner.
The 'Clifton Rapist' AKA Ronald Evans – Britain’s longest-serving prisoner. ( Source : Bristolpost )

On July 16, 1977, a woman in her 20s was assaulted while returning home from a nightclub. This was Ronald's first attack. Six additional women were molested over the following 18 months, and each one provided investigators with a description of the perpetrator, whose photos had unsettling parallels.

Ronald Evans: ITV's Decoy Real Story Explained

The documentary "Decoy" by ITV News was the first to tell the tale of the covert effort to apprehend Ronald Evans. Police initiated "Operation Angus" in January 1979 after trying in vain to capture the perpetrator.

Twelve women, probationary cops who were 18 years old, were put out on the streets as part of a decoy operation after the force solicited young female police constables to volunteer. However, the "Clifton Rapist" had not yet struck after weeks of the process, so senior authorities sent out male police constables in drag.

Michelle Leonard, the covert officer who helped trap Evans
Michelle Leonard, the covert officer who helped trap Evans ( Source : Bristolpost )

PCs Christopher Gould and Robbie Jones were sent out to walk the seedier side streets, hoping that the "Clifton Rapist" would assault them while they were dressed in make-up, wigs, and heels.

On March 22, 1979, Michelle Leonard, a female undercover police officer, was dropped off for the final time close to Whiteladies Road. An individual who matched the attacker's description was seen operating a yellow Ford Capri. Please don't scream, or I'll murder you, the guy ordered as he seized Michelle and began dragging her into a garden.

Ronald Evans, a married parent of 38 years, was recognized as the culprit. He confessed five of the assaults during a police interrogation, although he disputed two of the assaults.

Where Is Ronald Evans Today?

Ronald Evans is out of prison as of today. Ronald Evans, also known as the Clifton Rapist, is the longest-serving prisoner, murderer, and rapist in British history. He was found guilty in 1964 of killing Kathleen Heathcote, a 21-year-old store clerk.

After receiving a life release from jail in 1975, he found employment as an electrician in Bristol and was married a second time. Evans was returned to custody. Years later, in 2004, a cold case team used forensic evidence to connect him to the two attacks he had earlier denied in 1979. One was on a student from Bristol who was 22 years old in Redland in November 1977, and the other was on a student who was 21 years old in Clifton Down in December 1978. He received an additional ten years in jail.

Evans was freed in January 2019 after spending 57 years behind bars. The leader of the Major Crime Review (Cold Case) Team for the Avon and Somerset Police, Gary Mason, said in the program that he was appalled by the man's release. In my view, he was still a risk to the public when I last saw him in 2004, the Ministry of Justice informed ITV News.


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