Remember The "Boyfriend Got My Twin Sister Pregnant" From Reddit? Well, There Might Be An Update

Boyfriend Got My Twin Sister Pregnant From Reddit ( Source : Lipstickalley )

A subreddit 'Truth Off My Chest' had a thread that talked about a man whose boyfriend of 10 years cheated on him with his twin sister. Now that we can no more access it, people are curious to get an update on it. 

The thread was titled 'Boyfriend Got My Twin Sister Pregnant,' and he had explained each of his emotions in it. Now a TikTok page has simplified the story and put it out in two parts. A huge bunch of people have engaged with it and are putting out their opinions regarding the same. 

Update: Boyfriend Got My Twin Sister Pregnant From Reddit

The man narrates the story and names his boyfriend, James, and his twin sister Emily. According to part 1 of the TikTok video, the two men had known each other since elementary school and confessed their love for one another when they were only 8 or 9 years old. This pretty much says that the narrator, who was 18, and James, who was 19, had been together for ten years. 

Things turned sour when the narrator's twin sister came into the picture. However, James and Emily never bonded well regardless of their acquaintances. They had been in the same school since their childhood; James visited her house often but warming up to each other was never a question for them. Hence, there was nothing suspicious until five months ago. 

The narrator saw his boyfriend receiving plenty of messages while he was at his place and that rarely happened. When he asked him, he shrugged him off, saying that it was the driving the teacher trying to schedule him for his next class. However, the problem began when he saw a pop-up that had a heart emoji. When the narrator asked him to read the messages out loud, he was shocked. He found out James was sleeping with his twin sister. 

He explains how disappointed he was when two of the most important people in his life cheated on him. They were making out on his bed and got pregnant, listening to the songs from his laptop. Things were very difficult for him to process. 


What Happened To His Boyfriend And Twin Sister?

When the narrator called his sister to come back home immediately as he found out what was going on between James and her, she discarded it, saying that he was being delusional. Nevertheless, James admitted to having an affair with her instantly and apologized many times. 

After that, Emily did not come back home for days, and James canceled all the mutual subscriptions to Spotify, HBO, and others the same day. The apology had actually lasted for quite some time, trying to explain the scenarios, but things turned out to be worse for the narrator. The blatant and ignorant 'Sorry's made him more nauseous. 

The story ended up with the mother taking the girl's side, making excuses even though their dad was mad at her. The man said that he could not even imagine his sister and his boyfriend getting together for the sake of the child, it would destroy him completely.


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