Rachel Hollis Has A New Boyfriend After Split With Shawn Mendes's Tour Manager, Who Exactly Is Cez Drake?


Author and social media celebrity, Rachel Hollis ( Source : Instagram )

Author and blogger Rachel Hollis recently made a comeback on her Youtube channel with the news of her new mysterious boyfriend, and now rumor has it, her new boo is Shawn Mendes's tour manager.

The blogger had been through a lot of controversies after her divorce from her ex-husband of 16 years, Dave Hollis, so when she came out with an announcement that she was seeing someone new, everyone wanted to know the mystery man.

Now that she is more open about her relationship, she revealed that her mystery boyfriend is Cez Drake. 

Rachel Hollis's New Boyfriend Is Cez Drake 

Rachel Hollis's mystery boyfriend turned out to be Cez Drake, a renowned tour manager of Shawn Mendes and many other musical talents.

The news broke the internet, but her fans were happy to see the blogger happy with her new partner after her recent fallout with her ex-husband and all the controversies.

Rachel Hollis's new boyfriend, Cez Drake who is Shawn Mendes's tour manager
Rachel Hollis's new boyfriend, Cez Drake who is Shawn Mendes's tour manager ( Source : Instagram )

Hollis first revealed her relationship with the new partner during her comeback to Youtube right after the TikTok controversy, where she mentioned getting on the dating website and meeting someone as a friend.

Later she revealed that the two found each other attractive, and after a kiss, they were together in a relationship but kept his identity a secret.

Now that she is more open about her relationship and the identity of the mystery lover is revealed as Cez Drake fans are curious about the new lover and their relationship dynamics.

Cez is a graduate of Hollyfield School, majoring in English Language Literature, Geography, and Politics, and currently works as a day-to-day manager at Life of Dillon.

He has worked in the industry for over ten years with some big names, including Rita Ora, Shawn Mendes, Jessi J, The Wanted, and many more artists.

Rachel Hollis and her new boyfriend, Cez Drake
Rachel Hollis and her new boyfriend, Cez Drake ( Source : Instagram )

Rachel's boyfriend owns his production management and music management companies named Just Solutions Tour/Production Management and Drake Music Management.

The couple looks very in love in pictures together and often appear on each other's social media, supporting each other.

Rachel Hollis And Dave Hollis Net Worth In 2022

Rachel Hollis has a net worth estimated at $3 million with an annual salary of around $300000, while her ex-husband, Dave Hollis, has a net worth of approximately $5 million.

Compared to her ex, her current boyfriend, Cez Drake, has an estimated net worth of $5 million and huge contracts with well-known artists for management services.

Rachel earned all her money from her business with her former husband, Dave Hollis, who was her business partner at The Hollis Co., and her life as a social media celebrity.

Rachel Hollis Former Partner Dave Hollis Is Shawn Mendes Tour Manager

Rachel Hollis and her former partner, Dave Hollis, were together for 18 years before their tragic separation in 2020. The two dated two years before their marriage and stayed married for 16 years of their life.

The two started having issues 13 years into their marriage, and after three years of trying to make it work, Rachel called it quits with an announcement on her social media.

Rachel Hollis and her ex-husband, Dave Hollis
Rachel Hollis and her ex-husband, Dave Hollis ( Source : Instagram )

Despite the sudden divorce, the two former partners stayed good friends and business partners. Dave moved forward in life from his former relationship and the business and is currently living as a full-time author in Texas with his new girlfriend.

Before getting involved in the business with his ex-wife, Rachel, Dave was a successful employee at the Walt Disney Company. He worked as a Director of New Business Development and Senior Vice President of the International Theatrical Distribution.


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