Portal Zacarias and Torneira Humana Video and Twitter Reaction Explained


Portal do Zacarias Trending On Twitter ( Source : Investopedia )

Portal Zacarias is a news agency sharing information about various incidents worldwide. They also post various videos and one of which people think is about Torneira Humana. 

Many people wonder about Portal Zacarias and Torneira Humana's videos. The terms have been searched several times on the internet, making everyone curious. Here are the details you need to know. 

Portal Zacarias and Torneira Humana Video

Portal Zacarias and Torneira Humana's video is a trending topic online. Portal Zacarias is an online news/media organization. Under the direction of journalist Antônio Zacarias, the "PORTAL DO ZACARIAS" first appeared in 2011 under the name "Blog do Antônio Zacarias."

Since then, the portal's audience has significantly increased; it now receives about 3 million monthly access. In addition, they have 55k followers on Twitter. 

They have ten employees: reporters, editors, a programmer, and a filmmaker. Furthermore, they are expanding in terms of audience and organizational structure, per their Facebook bio

However, Sebastio Lucivaldo Moraes Carril, a journalist and the owner of Portal do Zacarias, was detained by the Federal Police at the Manaus International Airport. A few months ago. He was about to get his passport when he discovered an open arrest warrant issued by Judge Glen Hudson Paulain Machado of the Second Criminal Execution Court.

In May, he was given a sentence of two years, three months, and six days in prison for an electoral felony by the judge of the third electoral court. In addition, the portal posts several videos online, some of which are bizarre and graphic content.  

Twitter Reaction On Portal Zacarias and Torneira Humana Video Explained 

Many people on Twitter have been sharing the link to the video that says Portal Zacarias and Torneira Humana. However, the link that is viral on social media does not open. There is no content in the links shared online. 

Although the portal is known for having clips that some people cannot even have the guts to watch, the Torneira Humana video is not available on their site. And, it seems that some people may have made a video using click-bait through the thumbnail and pictures.

The video title and picture in the front show as if someone's tape of sexual activity has been released online. However, it is a fake clip, and there is no content worth watching in the links that are circulating on social media. 

What Is Portal Zacarias and Torneira Humana Video About?

Portal Zacarias and Torneira Humana's video is fake and click-bait. Although the source of false information is not caught yet, people have been sharing the link all over the internet. 

The link is also insecure, which may cause various problems for internet users. There is various risk involved when anyone clicks on the links that are shared online without any thought. Some may cause people to breach one/s personal data of the online activity. 

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