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Peggy Fulford, an ex-finance advisor. ( Source : Oxygen )

Peggy Fulford is an ex-money manager and financial advisor sentenced to 10 years for scamming.

Fulford has been in the news recently after she was caught scamming people. The former financial advisor was sentenced to about 10 years in prison after she was noticed for her acts.

Numerous prominent athletes were scammed of millions of dollars by Fulford, including the former NBA basketball players Dennis Rodman and Travis Best, former Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams, and NFL football players Lex Hilliard and Ricky Williams.

Who Is Peggy Fulford?

Fulford presents herself as a financial advisor and money manager. She was recently given a 10-year prison term in Texas for defrauding numerous well-known athletes.

Peggy photographed in her early years. ( Source : Esajaelina )

Fulford, who also went by the names Devon Cole and Devin Barard, as well as the last names King, Williams, Simpson, Rivers, and Barard, admitted that she misled her former clients by claiming to have degrees from Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School as well as having earned millions of dollars on Wall Street.

She said that since she was already affluent, her victims didn't need to pay her a fee because she only wanted to assist them in safeguarding their money. Fulford, who was in charge of handling their finances and paying their bills, misappropriated millions of dollars to fund her extravagant spending.

What Is Peggy Fulford Net Worth?

She had an estimated net worth of $10 million before entering prison. After compensating her victims, her net worth is still about $4 million.

She possessed several residences, including a house in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a collection of expensive cars, a Rolls-Royce, and about $2 million in American Express charges as the fraud was being carried out.

Her crimes have now been revealed among the people, and people now know not to be too trustworthy. She is currently serving her time in prison.

Who Is Peggy Fulford Husband?

Fulford appears to have been married five times throughout her lifetime. Her husband's family is whence she gets her last name, Fulford. Before him, Peggy wed her ex-husband, emergency room doctor Forrest King.

Stanley Williams is another name on her husband's list. 2002 saw their wedding, and 2008 saw their divorce. On September 6, 1985, a DC-6 disaster killed her first husband.

There are indications that Peggy had four children total from three separate marriages. However, her current relationship status is a mystery to the media.

She is 61 years old since she was born in 1958. She is an American citizen because she was born in New Orleans. She is of African American descent and practices Christianity. She goes by Peggy Ann Fulford in full.

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