Noh Hujan Video Viral From Twitter and Reddit: Who Is His Wife Mizz Nina?


Noh Hujan ( Source : Tipblogg )

Malaysian singer-songwriter, musician, and record producer Mohammad Noh bin Salleh have got into a dirty controversy. It is said that due to an alleged video on Twitter, he has a rough patch with his wife, Mizz Nina.

His most well-known role is that of the lead singer and main songwriter for the rock group Hujan, with whom they have produced six studio albums.

Noh Hujan Video Viral From Twitter and Reddit

Your intimate moments are no longer safe and private in today's world. One doesn't know in what condition, at what place he might get recorded and exposed in the forefront. The recent rumor taking over the Internet is the inappropriate video starring the Malaysian singer Noh Hujan on Twitter and Reddit. 

In the particular content, we can hear a voice that is similar to Noh, but no one can actually confirm if it is the very singer. Apparently, the video is all over Twitter, and Reddit and netizens have different opinions on it. A certain section of people is quite sure that the person in it is him, while others are giving him the benefit of the doubt. 

However, if it turns out to be right, he will be cheating on his wife, and that is quite sad. In his defense, he has already addressed it and denied all the allegations put on him clearly. On the other hand, after too many hate comments on his Instagram, he has chosen to disable the comment section. 

A Twitterati says, "NOH HUJAN SERIOUSLY?????? I AM EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED IF IT IS TRUE!!" Similarly, another one tweets, "Noh rain is leaked even though the face is not clear." 

Who Is His Wife, Mizz Nina? Divorce Rumors

The family narrative of musician Noh Salleh and his wife, Mizz Nina, who are allegedly in trouble, has caused a stir on social media over the past few weeks. The Hujan vocalist's "rage out" at journalists, accusing them of lacking original ideas in order to garner attention, warmed the mood even further.

Most recently, some online users claimed to have a video of Noh performing lewd conduct on the Twitter page. However, it is impossible to tell if it is the vocalist or someone else.

He claimed the Sarawakian singer had indeed cheated on Mizz Nina by using a screenshot of a person by the handle @kittendusty.

Following that, there were rumors regarding the revelation, and some people believed that the person in question had purposefully "faked the story" in order to harm the couple's work and personal life.

In spite of the lack of confirmation and the degree of the charges' veracity, the tale also gained traction on a forum for fun.

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