Netflix's Untold Tells The Story Of And1, How Rich Is The Skilled Hot Sauce?


Untold: The Rise And Fall Of AND1: A glimpse into the American Dream ( Source : instagram )

Untold: The Rise and Fall of AND1 is a Netflix sports documentary that follows the story of the AND1, a brand that started a basketball revolution with its iconic mixtape combining stunts and hip-hop.

In the early '90s, the trio with an affinity for basketball -Jay Coen Gilbert, Tom Austin, and Seth Berger started selling t-shirts that featured funny trash talk often heard on the basketball courts, like "Go to church. Pray you don't guard me." The trio had no idea they were building a worldwide brand that would go beyond basketball when they launched it.

The trio released the AND1 Mixtape Vol. 1 as a marketing tool that, for the first time, combined hip-hop and street basketball. The mixtape showcasing renowned players like Philip "Hot Sauce" Champion and Shane "The Dribbling Machine" was distributed at local sportswear stores.

Over the following few years, the players quickly became hood favorites, demonstrating that the NBA wasn't the only route to basketball stardom. 

What Is Philip Champion, aka Hot Sauce's Net Worth In 2022?

The street basketball player turned professional, Philip Champion, aka Hot Sauce, is reportedly worth $1 - $3 million as of 2022, per But, of course, he was among the top earners back in the day. 

Even though many players were unhappy with the money they made based on the Netflix docuseries Untold: The Rise And Fall of AND1, Philip Hot Sauce Champion wasn't in the same boat. The company's administration signed contracts with each streetballer, but their monetary values were established on their popularity.

Philip Champion aka Hot Sauce Was Very Talented With The Ball In His Hands
Philip Champion aka Hot Sauce Was Very Talented With The Ball In His Hands ( Source : sportskeeda )

People admired Philip and his style of play, and he was an inspirational source for many hoopers. For example, the streetball player, The Professor, often spoke about how he used to be a fan of Philip Champion and watched all of his mixtapes.

AND1 Mixtape's volume three was dedicated to Philip Hot Sauce Champion and contained some of his highlight gameplay.


Where Is Philip Champion aka Hot Sauce Today?

According to the networthpost, Philip Champion currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. After completing high school, Phillip moved to Atlanta to pursue a career in street basketball at the Run N-Shoot.

Philip Champion (born June 13, 1976) was born in Fort Campbell, Commonwealth of Kentucky, the United States, and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. Philip is an American former professional basketball player and has played on the streetball AND1 Mixtape tour since its creation.

In 2006, he appeared in a lead role in the sports drama movie Crossover. In 2018, the Atlanta Hawks presented a promotion in which people had the opportunity to guard Philip Champion 1 on 1 for 24 seconds to win prizes.

Untold: The Rise and Fall of AND1- What Led To AND's Downfall

Netflix's latest Untold series, The Rise and Fall of AND1, presents the story of AND1 and how it went from owning the heart of the basketball game to cultural irrelevancy in a couple of years.

The docuseries is directed by Kevin Wilson Jr., well-known for producing the critically acclaimed short My Nephew Emmett in 2017. 
The documentary is a hugely entertaining watch to immerse in nostalgia for a suddenly-distant-seeming moment in basketball culture. The documentary showcases the story behind a brand that was virtually everywhere until it wasn't anymore.

There was a progressive belief among the streetballer enrolled under AND1 that the company was mainly making money from their hard work and not giving them enough cash in return.

Over the years, AND1 has been sold many times, and today the company is owned by Sequential Brands and has a yearly revenue of roughly $140 million.


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