Momtok Swinging Drama Explained On Reddit & Tiktok - What Is The Fuss About?

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The intense #MomTok controversy involving a popular Mormon TikToker from Utah, her circle of friends, suspected swinging, and apparent multiple divorces has gone viral.

Numerous surprising internet stars who have made a career out of their 15 minutes of fame were introduced by TikTok. However, folks are completely fixated on a particular online group called "Mormon MomTok." The term "MomTok" refers to a subset of Mormon mom bloggers among the hundreds of US women who have achieved recognition through the well-known social media app.

Although the primary idea of each MomTok film is that the women are all young Mormon brides who have had infants at a young age, many people have questioned whether or not their behavior is Mormon acceptable. The women frequently dance to obscene music while wearing barely clad outfits and groping one other. Taylor Frankie Paul, a TikTok member, claims she and her husband are divorcing because she "stepped out of" their agreement as swingers not to go intimate by essentially cheating on him with a familiar acquaintance.

Taylor frequently dismisses these inquiries by stating that she has chosen to live her life as she has. However, despite how ideal Taylor's life appears, something has gone wrong. She is currently embroiled in a drama-filled dispute with her MomTok pals, and to make matters worse, it seems that she and Tate are divorcing.

Reddit: What Is Momtok Swinging Drama On Tiktok?

Swinging is a social practice involving sexual contact between consenting adults that can include switching sexual partners or participating in group sexual activities but is frequently done in the context of a coupled relationship, according to Lori Lawrenz, a clinical psychologist with the Hawaii Center for Sexual and Relationship Health.

Swingers have sex with other individuals to strengthen their relationship with their primary spouse. When one partner can swing or observe swinging, sometimes referred to as being "in the lifestyle," swinging happens. Swinging is a practice some people who are in open relationships use. On TikTok, Taylor said that the majority of her friends are swingers.

In addition, she forewarned viewers that they would probably refute her claim; yet, once she went public with her tale, several of her friends did refute her claims in their TikToks and social media posts. For example, Miranda allegedly went live on TikTok and said that she and Tate were on good terms and that she and her husband Chase were not involved. Likewise, Camille and her husband Samuel allegedly said the same thing on a Livestream, denying involvement.

Since then, Taylor doesn't appear to follow Camille or Miranda on social media. Whitney allegedly stated on a Livestream that she believes the #MomTok group is false and that neither she nor Conner was associated with any swingers.

Taylor Frankie Paul Controversy Explained

After the TikTok Drama, Taylor Frankie Paul, a well-known TikTok celebrity, was the subject of criticism. She started as a model and seemed to live a fit lifestyle. However, many of their common acquaintances in the Mormon community of Utah appear to have been influenced and implicated by Taylor's accusations, including Brayden and Mckenna Rowley, Selver and Victoria Zalic, Chase and Miranda Hope McWhorter, Conner and Whitney Leavitt, and Samuel and Camille Munday.

Taylor Frankie Paul's TikTok Drama Has Spilled Over Into an Obsession on Reddit ( Source : Distractify )

There were rumors that Taylor had an affair with Brayden, who is reportedly married to Mckenna, a familiar acquaintance in their social circle, soon after she announced her divorce from Tate. There were other speculations that Taylor had an affair with Selver, the husband of Taylor's other friend Victoria, rather than Brayden. However, Selver wasn't participating, according to a TikTok shared by Victoria and posted by Taylor.

Momtok Real Name And Boyfriend

Momtok appears to be led by Taylor Frankie, but several other stunning ladies are in the group. Mormon influencer Taylor, who is 28 years old, resides in Utah. She has two children, along with Tate Taylor, who is now married. Indy Paul, their first kid, was born on August 31, 2017, and Ocean Paul, their second child, was born on June 18, 2020.

Another Mormon mother who appears in Taylor's circle of friends is Miranda McWhorter; they have a son together named Chase. Other women participating with MomTok include Whitney Leavitt, Kenna Rowley, and Camille Munday. The videos also feature several additional ladies.

Taylor and her pals frequently share dance clips and lip syncs that highlight different life events. However, Taylor's comments about Mormon spouses switching wives, her husband being her brother, and her being the mother of Camille and Miranda have drawn much criticism.


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